BROsino Update - 8 November 2019

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November 8, 2019

The BRO Casino has added another new game this week!

The #1 STEEM faucet continues to provide the world’s best free crypto gaming experience on the internet! This week’s update brings the Lucky Wheel to the BROsino for all of your wheel-spinning needs!

This new game comes to us courtesy of @celsius100, who made a generous donation to the BRO Sports & Gaming Network! As a thank you to him for his generosity, we created his very own named wheel! You can play it here: Celsius’ Kinky Wheel.


This wheel currently offers x2, x3, x5, and x10 prizes for bets. We will be live-testing the wheel this week and may still make some adjustments to it, if needed.

Our standard wheel can be found here: Lucky BRO Wheel. This wheel offers x2, x4, and x8 prizes and will also be live-tested this week.

These wheels, just like our slot machines, can be customized for any interested sponsors. If you’d like to purchase naming rights and customization to bring awareness to your project, website, blog, community, or business, then please contact us on Discord!

BRO Supporter packages, BROsino credit reloads, and BROsino contests have changed.

Every BROsino player can still play for free and receive free reloads of 10,000 credits, but we’re changing the frequency of those reloads back to once weekly. For now, all weekly reloads will need to be requested once again in our reload-requests channel on Discord.

Our weekly and monthly contests will also be changing to exclusive contests for donors. Weekly contests will be exclusive beginning next week and monthly contests will become exclusive starting in December. (Current contest standings and results will be published in a separate update.)

BRO supporters that make a donation to BROSGN will receive a special package that includes a variety of perks at the BROsino and at!

These are the current BRO Supporter packages:

BRO Wingman - 100 STEEM Donation

One year of poker chat
Custom poker chat color
Custom poker avatar
Eight Tier1 poker tickets
Four Tier2 poker tickets
Two Tier3 poker tickets
Exclusive poker freerolls
Daily BROsino credit reloads
Exclusive BROsino weekly and monthly contests
Access to special BRO Wingman Discord role and channel

BRO Supporter - 50 STEEM Donation

Twenty Tier1 poker tickets
Ten Tier2 poker tickets
Five Tier3 poker tickets
Daily BROsino credit reloads
Exclusive BROsino monthly contests
Access to special BRO Supporter Discord role and channel

Donations can be made on our BRO Poker “Shop” page by clicking on the BRO Supporter option.

Exclusive BROsino contests

As mentioned above, BROsino contests will become exclusive. Next week, all weekly contests will only be available for BRO Wingmen and monthly contests will only be available for BRO Supporters and BRO Wingmen. Contest prizes will also be increased to the following credit payouts:

Monthly Contest

RankTotal WinsTotal Net Wins

Weekly Contest

RankTotal WinsTotal Net Wins

Only players that are ranked in the top five in “Total Wins” can qualify for the “Total Net Wins” bonuses for both the weekly and monthly contests.

The BROsino Raffle is now weekly

The BROsino raffle will now be held once per week unless we have an official raffle sponsor. To date, the BROsino has given away over 900,000 credits to players, which is the equivalent of 90 STEEM! And it remains completely free to participate!


The BROsino Raffle runs once per week and the total prize can reach up to 50,000 credits. Players can enter the raffle by purchasing tickets with their BROsino credits. Tickets currently cost 2500 credits and each player can purchase one ticket per raffle. The more players who enter the raffle, the higher the prize goes, up to the maximum 50,000 credits.

The BROsino’s weekly raffle is also a fantastic way to grab attention for your business, website, project, community, or cause! The raffle page features a full banner ad in its header that can be customized and reserved exclusively for raffle sponsors! We are currently accepting daily, weekly, and monthly sponsors to be featured at the BROsino.

If you’d like to reserve a raffle sponsorship, contact us on Discord today!

BROsino Stats Tracker

StatsYesterdayLast 7 DaysAll-Time
Games Played178820,003445,131
STEEM Paid Out1545170


Current BROsino Sponsors

The following are official BRO sponsors as of November 8, 2019:

  • Celsius’ Kinky Wheel: As a long-time supporter and player of the Steem Poker Leagues and the BROsino, @celsius100 has been a great friend to everything BRO! His generous donations have helped keep our games fresh and our prizes flowing! Please give him some support on his blog here: @celsius100.
    Play Celsius’ Kinky Wheel here!

  • BlameBeth Bingo: About to take over the world...maybe. Also maybe not. But if anything ever goes wrong, you know who to blame! Please show your support by visiting Beth’s blog and playing BlameBeth Bingo.

  • Deranged Contests Video Poker: Deranged Contests is a series of daily themed photography contests. It is set up so that people of all skill levels can participate and be rewarded. The rewards are given in the form of upvotes from the @derangedcontests Steem account that has a large stake in both PHOTO and CCC tokens on Steem Engine.
    You can play their sponsored poker game here: Deranged Contests Video Poker.

  • InTheNow Slots: @inthenow is a leading graphics artist in the industry and a longtime supporter of the Steem Poker League & BRO Sports & Gaming Network. Show your support by visiting his blog and playing the InTheNow Slots.

  • Slots: A leading cryptocurrency news, price, and information website that provides a free portfolio manager along with many other useful cryptocurrency tools as well as free cryptocurrency games. Show your support by visiting their website and playing the Slots.

Our sponsors thank you for your support! If you would like to become a sponsor or advertise with the BROsino, please Contact us on Discord!

Thank you for your BRO patronage and good luck to everyone playing at the BROsino!

If you’d like to give extra support to the BRO Sports & Gaming Network™, please approve ats-witness and guiltyparties as Steem witnesses!


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