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Honey Chip and You

Lets get this account started. You can see me playing poker at [brosino poker](https://www.brosinopoker.com ) I play there daily along with about 20 plus other regular players. Great bunch of people and generally there is a bit of craic at the tables too. Games are of no cost to your wallet.

Tickets can be won in daily tournament freerolls for entry into bigger prize pools. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased through the poker shop for Steem. I guess this option is there for those who do not have the time to play the freerolls. I purchased a ticket for the 1st Bro monthly tournament and got 1st prize. Nice result there. Haven't won a bean since (joke). I do get a win now and then and gain some of what is in the prize pool.

Note: You cannot make a deposit to this site.

♦ ♣ ♠ ♥

I do like to give though too. I would not call it guilt, but a part of me does not feel right with just taking winnings and running. I do see that none of this is possible without @tuckfreeman @bethalea and the #bro-poker community. Giving back to help with the future progress of the community I am gaining from only seems fair.

I also believe in equality, that at the poker table we are all equals and all deserve something back from participating. Those who play and do not win regular are just as important as those who may win with a bit more frequency. In my mind all are just as important as the Bro-Poker community and organisers. Without any of those three key parts, things begin to fall apart.

I would like to give back to all. The community and the players. I do not have the ability to put out delegations. I do not have the time to follow and vote on the posts you make. So this account, Honeychip was made to provide a tiny bit of payback or pay it forward in some cases. The account has 52 Steem Power right now. I expect this to grow over the coming months. 50% plus of any winning will be going to powered up Steem. Long term, losing to me could make you rich. The more you lose, The bigger the vote this account will follow you at.

If you do not gain a vote from the account and do play at the Bro-poker site. Send a DM to TheHive on discord or by a comment on @thehive post.

The account has already voted to many of you. The account is run manually as far as setting up the vote. The automation of the vote is to prevent bias on my part. I am not here to judge your post, I would like to show some thank you for the interaction your actions have with mine and help to compliment each others. This is just like an extension of that integration.

Win or lose at the tables, we will win as a community of people.

♠ ♣ ♦ ♥

Games on #bro-poker

A range of games are available daily. There are some impressive looking games coming up in this line up. I look forward to playing them all.

Entry level Games

The 10 Sports is an hourly tournament of no limit hold em. It is a turbo game and generally has a fast pace.

The 2 bro games played at 1
Both offer a ticket to the monthly Bro game. A 1st place i needed to win this ticket. Also has a 1 Steem prize pool attached.

C0ff33a/derangedvision games Gives you the chance to win a Tier 2 ticket. It also has a 2 Steem prize pool attached.

Dos Uno game has a Tier 1 ticket. also a 1 Steem prize pool attached.

The four banger has a Tier 1 2 and 3 also a 1 Steem prize pool attached.

Advanced Games
(Advanced games only means ticket required games.)

Bethalea's 20 Steem has an entry of a Tier 1 ticket.

Friday night 25 Steem BROmaha. At the moment it is the only tournament that is not a No Limit Hold Em. It has a Tier 1 ticket entry.

Titans of poker is the Monthly Bro poker game, Tickets for this can be won twice daily by 1st place in the Bro Top Series AM or PM game. The Monthly game ticket is need for this tournament. It has at present a 400 Steem prize pool.

Sportstalksocial has an impressive looking 500,000 Sports coins. This appears to be open to all members. No Ticket required. Register just to play that game 🤠 lol

♣ ♠

The Hive.


"Win or lose at the tables, we will win as a community of people." You nailed it Hive. Winning is fun but it is the community we are creating that is the best part of Bro-poker.

I started playing on the original Lucksacks site over two years ago. Sadly I've seen a lot of good people (and good poker players) come and go. I miss a bunch of them. Not just for the competition but also the good times we had on table chat and Discord.

Luckily a few old timers are still around and some new players are popping up. It's great to see fresh fish at the table.

As I type this I realize I've been dealing with Beth for more than 2 years now. I might deserve a medal.

Nice promo, but a bit winded wouldn't you say ;) !tip 2

I like to play there too, unfortunately the chat privileges were disabled for my account and I dont know why :/

It is an upgrade feature, a way for them to get a little bit of funding while still keeping the games free. Go to the shop and choose chat it costs 5 steem https://brosinopoker.com/shop.php this should help ;) !tip 5

Oh thanks a lot! I was jusst windering because at the beginning it was free...

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