WIP Morgan concept design bringaheeytolife

Before I jump into coloring I would like to get some constructive criticism about this concept:

it is a work in progress so almost everything can be ditched out except the fact she needs to be a girl..

every opinion matters especially if you are a fan of the series Ahe’ey



It's a great piece! If I can make a small suggestion, I recommend you bring her face up a little closer to her hair, so she looks more symmetric.

And I make that suggestion from a place of love and excitement for the finished product.

You're off to a great start. Keep going.

I like how you tamed Morgan's unnamable hair. The braids are great. I would remove the neck tie and the hair band. Keep it simple. Good luck!

Hi, Aggelos. Thank you, I’m delighted that you are participating in the competition. I want to congratulate you for choosing a character from Ahe’ey that has never been drawn before. You have an opportunity to bring the character to life for the first time. This is something that excites me a lot; I'm keen to meet Morgan. Your sketch is a good start. You have understood the Earthy/Hippie/Boho side to Morgan, her essence. Every element feels like something Morgan would wear.

Here are some constructive suggestions:

  • Morgan is a “no fuss kinda gal” so I would reduce the number of elements, frills and embellishments, and give her a more practical style.
  • Perhaps lessen the height of the heels.
  • Remember that she doesn’t wear makeup.

I hope this helps. You can find some great clues about Morgan here and here.

I really look forward to see it evolve. Great start. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Exciting! J.

ok I will refine it according to your advises. Your directions are very straight forward so I will jump to a fast sketch and coloring. it should not be that hard from what I understand Morgan is like me!
I'll check if there is any other character not yet done to give it a try with them as well.
Thanks for the criticism. I ll catch with you later with an updated design or two if I have the time.
Nice work btw you are a very creative individual. If I get the chance and the mpney needed by next month I hope to meet you at steemit festival on Amsterdam.