Bring Ahe'ey To Life. My entry with Morgan, Sky and Gabriel.

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The day before yesterday I accidentally saw information about this wonderful contest + one of my new Steemit friends @portuguesinha  wrote to me about it. So I decided to participate in @jamielefay’s #bringaheeytolife contest. Then I have read that  the announce of the winners will be on the 30th of September and it became more  challenging.

My first was Gabriel and then I could not stop :)






Thanks to @jamielefay for this opportunity.  It was very exciting.

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@portuguesinha. Thank you so much for recruiting @nekromarinist. :) Yay!! J.

You are welcome @jamielefay.

Amazing! Just wow!

thank you @shortcut

@nekromarinist. Hi! These are sooooo great! I love your artistic style and the pop of colour. Sky and Gabriel's scenes accurately describe episodes of Ahe'ey. Morgan's looks are perfect although she is not a sorceress. Thank you so much for bringing Ahe'ey to life. I'm delighted with the creativity and craft of the Steemit community. We are lucky to have you on board. J.

Thank you so much @jamielefay it was very interesting for me to work with this characters!!!

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I feels it's strong..You have personality.