Brilliant Girl Scout Sets Up Shop At The Perfect Location To Sell Boxes Of Cookies

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A brilliant 9 year-old sold 312 boxes of cookies to those whom you could say had the munchies.

The location was in front of urbn leaf, a recreational and medical state licensed cannabis dispensary. She and her father took their little wagon and their hundreds of boxes of cookies and sold them to the good guys and gals with munchies. Maybe a few who haven't got the craving yet, but surely took some for later.

How brilliant was that ?

A perfect location to help raise money to fund and improve their community. She even got some help from the shop when they posted a picture of the young girl on Instagram.

I'm sure there were those who had some negative comments to say about this story, but let us not forget the cause behind the Girl Scouts and the fact that she was accompanied by her father.

A spokesperson for Girl Scouts San Diego stated that the young girl didn't violate any rules or break any code of conduct.

So I myself am very satisfied to have read this story and even more pleased at the fact that she didn't catch too much flak for being a smart young girl who knew where to target her customers.

"Anytime we can help out by driving more people to support local fundraising like a Girl Scout selling cookies, we'll do that,"
-Urbn Leaf owner Will Senn

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smart kid 😂👍

If every kid is so humble as this to raise fund for those who need it, then this world would be such a romantic and lovely place for living. Unfortunately, Mr.Mind controls the senses that are too fulfilled with envy, egoism and cruel self-love.
I haven't seen new poetry from you @joseph ?

I'll post one soon. They aren't my poems by the way @tatjanastan

i hope she got to sell all her boxes,

super smart. dang. hustle is in every moment. one must only tap into it.

Well done. Followers be sure that your father/mother is close to you when doing this.

Lol that is so smart indeed! When I light it up, I always buy a lot of food, because I know I'll eat like crazy!
This kind of location is just perfect so sell any kind of food :D

Excellent creativity of the girl, very astute, reminded me of my children when I woke up at dawn and attended the exit of boliches to sell coffee and sweets for stomach acid.
Excellent material dear friend @joseph, many grace spor to share the information

Woah this kid is going places if she keeps up with the way she is going! I really hope it was her idea and not a adults! She should pursue a degree in business marketing!

She has attitude to become entrepreneurship. This girl scout and father gave me inspiration about them brilliant activity. Peace for me boy scout (pramuka) from Indonesia.