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Yep, That's me looking at ya and I wouldn't choose to do that to my head, and yes I do have Cancer...

I'm Susy Emery, and I'm 41 years old. I have a Massage Diploma and I am a competent and keen Diet and Nutrition Advisor. I am also studying Naturopathy and Herbology, the dream is to be a proper White Witch one day, living in a little cabin in the woods. I have always kept a journal, love to write poetry and draw, my books are filled with words, emotions and sketches.

So I finally decided to get all technical and up to date and give the world a sneaky peak into Susiverse by turning my journals into a blog. It will consist of regular updates along the way of my Cancer Pilgrimage. A quirky yet poignant account of my journey through breast cancer. The Magic of herbs, CBD, DIET and H2O. A collection of my poetry, which i began writing as a way of channeling emotions, helping me through long term bouts of severe depression and anxiety throughout my life. Art and Craft projects. Soaps, salves, balms, creams, sewing projects, rag rugs. Now... I get to take you on all my adventures. So come join me!!

Interests - Travelling, I love learning and living different ways of life. Soap-making, a keen herbalist making my own lotions and remedies, Studying Naturopathy and Herbology, Writing (journals, poetry and now a blog), Walking/Hiking, Painting, Sewing, Music (not musically talented in any way, just a wanna be).

Favourite Movies - Interstellar is a great movie (Hans Zimmer soundtrack to this movie is the best), Cloud Atlas (hard to follow the first time round but the beauty of watching this movie more than once is that you realise all the characters play multiple parts), Seven pounds, Beaches is my favourite chick flick, Into the Wild changed my life, Girl Interrupted played very close to home, Green Mile, Freedom Writers and so many more. I love a good movie. Great form of escapism!

Favourite Music - I'm not a great fan of pop music so I delved into the local music scene in Wakefield (which is amazing by the way), Skiprat, Mental Block, Hotrod Hooligans, Kneezard, Great music, Great bunch of people all of which are extremely talented human beings. Gotta love Reggae, Good old Bob, Alpha Blondy, Toots and the Maytals, Lee "scratch" Perry. moving onto some classics, Led Zepplin, Lynard Skynard, blue oyster cult, chilli peppers, Madonna, Tracy Chapman... I could go on forever, but I won't.

Favourite Books - Paulo Coelho (sorry, can't choose a fave), Harry Long Only fear dies, Terry Pratchett (all of them, i can't possibly choose a fave) Carlos Castanada (love them all) Alice in Wonderland, Dr Seuss is definitely my favourite poet, Roald Dahl books as a kid, and my favourite book as a small child was The Story of Chicken Licken, which i apparently made everyone i could read it to me.


Welcome to the Steemuniverse! One of the few posts I dared to read till the end. Lately I've been avoiding this subject because I just could not deal with it anymore, being confronted with many cases around me.
You sharing your journey will be of high value for those who have trouble dealing with it all.

Thank you for the courage to let us "sneak peek" into your Susiverse :) You are not alone...

Thanks so much, I appreciate it can be over facing for those who have been affected or have lost someone close. I try and keep things positive whilst at the same time accepting the struggle. It's all in the balance.

I'm working on improving my Steemit experience - there's rather a few things I need to get to grips with. So if you don't mind being patient, I'll get there!!

Welcome suziverse!
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Hello. Welcome to Steemit! How long has it been since you were diagnosed? I have drastically changed my diet to be more healthy, so I'd be curious how you changed your diet to help heal and beat the cancer. When I talk to people about changing their diet to prevent and cure cancer, they look at me as If I have two heads.

I saw a guy in a picture with his daughter eating blackened grilled meat, and she has cancer. I couldn't help letting him know that blackened meat is directly linked to cancer, but he didn't want to hear it. Because of things like that, I usually just keep my mouth shut these days.

Another example is hotdogs. They too are directly linked to cancer, specifically child cancer, and I call them "cancer sticks." My wife still buys them for our children though, and it is infuriating sometimes. I do eat meat, but I avoid heavily processed ones. What's your take on that topic please?

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