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RE: Inside the Suziverse

in #breast3 years ago

Welcome to the Steemuniverse! One of the few posts I dared to read till the end. Lately I've been avoiding this subject because I just could not deal with it anymore, being confronted with many cases around me.
You sharing your journey will be of high value for those who have trouble dealing with it all.

Thank you for the courage to let us "sneak peek" into your Susiverse :) You are not alone...


Thanks so much, I appreciate it can be over facing for those who have been affected or have lost someone close. I try and keep things positive whilst at the same time accepting the struggle. It's all in the balance.

I'm working on improving my Steemit experience - there's rather a few things I need to get to grips with. So if you don't mind being patient, I'll get there!!