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My second suggestion for the developement of Steem/Steemit

There is a saying that there is no profit model in Steemit. Etherium has a gas fee, and bitcoin also has a fee. I do not think there need any fee in Steemit as Steemit insists completely free transaction. Steemit has a promtion system, which seems to be a bit different from the profit model. Just burning Steem Dollor. I heard that it has the effect of reducing inflation.

There have been several stories in the kr community regarding the revenue model. There was a saying that it should cost like etherium. I think that the benefits of Stee mit will be lost if you receive the unconditional cost.

If you need a certain level of revenue model for the steady development of Steam and Steemit, you need a way.

So I would like to make the following suggestions.

The content is to walk a certain part of the tax according to the reward.

For example, for less than $ 10, there is no tax
0.1 steem up to $ 20 and up to $ 20
0.2 steem from $ 20 up to $ 30
That's how you do it.

Steemit is a system based on rewards, so it is walking the tax according to the profit.
No Income No Tax is the principle.

Of course, you should not tax on income below a certain level.

You might also think about giving a certain amount of tax to the Curation reward.

What do you think?

My first suggestion is below

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오호 멋진데요



I think my up coming post might bring some answers to this concern. Thanks for bringing it up.


Welcome. I will be happy my post would be a some help for steemit

Interesting idea you propose.

I need to read this one again, let it sink in.
You theory has promise.


Thank you so much

Good idea. Hope it will come true. :)



They have suggested that they will take a portion of the reward using the reward sharing mechanism in HF-17. However the intent is to use this fund for developing the ecosystem, not for profit.

At some point Steemit Inc will need to make actual profit from its services. There are various options for how it can be done. In the meantime, a rising value of the Steem token is the best approach to increase funding for Steemit Inc.


It is just a brainstorming.
In my opinion, many considerations are needed for further success of Steemit.

It is better to keep it as an option but not to implement as mandatory axing.


Good idea.
It could be considered as an option, of course.

Thank you for posting your thoughts @slowwalker.

Interesting reading and a solution that bears thinking over.

Historically this is kind of solution that begins as a good solution which somehow becomes corrupt....enslaving....and unbearable.

How do we keep it from becoming such a burden. Would a flat that does not punish the productive and enable the non productive more in keeping with the idea of fairness eliminating loopholes and potential for corruption.

Appreciated opportunity to think on these things and express thought.




nope, no transaction fees is the bomb.


It depends on situations, I guess