[Steem talk] A sincere open letter to #bpc #bilpcoin

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First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Those who does not celebrate, I wish you happy holiday. Those who has no holiday, have fun in this festive seasons with your friends who celebrates it. And I'm using this opportunity to openly send in my apologize to @bilpcoin @bilpcoinbot and @nobilpcoinbpc for the abusive action I've commited, which I have overlooked for a fact that I did not read through @thewhitelist rules.

I wish to thank @bilpcoin for reconsidering and uplift my banned for my overlooked mistake. Here's my commitment to #bpc #bilpcoin, I will not be using the community tag, neither will I capitalize on the free token. Whatever I've earned from #bpc over the past two weeks, I am now cancelling all my sell orders and had them sent to @null.

I am also powering down all the tokens, and if you, me, steem-engine still around, I will burn the balance 160BPC as soon as they're done powering down by 2021. I am a very reputable Steemian, and I also setup my own Chinese community, I have my credibility and originally I was going to introduce BPC to the community, matter of fact few of them already started using until I earned a ban. Having me banned for an abuse that I didn't know, is seriously embarressing.

However, during these tough time, I also found out several things @bilpcoin can do to improve their management skill, and in future BPC may reduce a lot of unwanted dispute from other Steemian whom accidentally breached their rule, just like myself. So here we go, I am listing the suggestion below in the hope they will take these suggestion and start changing or else, they will be keep on chasing people out, whom didn't know they did things not up to tribe's requirement.

  1. BPC is supposed to have an official account that only do announcement, and strictly keep the post count as low as possible. No voting, no following, no other operation activities are allowed on the official announcement account. This account served as a noticeboard with properly spelled black and white, what are the rules and regulation, terms and condition of use.
  2. Noticeboard account need to maintain atleast 1 full fledge white paper, how and why BILP, rules and regulation, terms and condition of usage. What are the consequences if breach of rules. How are abuser being treated. If user are believed to be wrongly penalized, what are the channel they could seek advice or assistance?
  3. All noticeboard posts must be more than 7 days payout and all of them declared as declined payout to avoid being flag.
  4. Do not issue new notice unless necessarily, you may modify the existing notice post, keep a log of running number of changes IN the post at the footer. This is blockchain, any amendment are recorded in the chain. It's easier to be honest if you are going to change rule, make a note at the comment section.
  5. You have 7 days to setup this account and the rules and regulation posts and term of use and everything. Do not upvote them by trying to rig your own system. When you ask people don't farm vote, please set an example. Nobody will say anything if you farm your bot account, but not on official announcement account! Once it got pass the payout period, you can start modifying it. If you need delegation, I will give that account 25SP free delegation. FREE, probably for life if BPC doesn't piss me off in future.
  6. After that 7 days, you can always backlink your other activities account. For example, @thewhitelist is supposed to check for accounts with 10k stakes as priority user, fix that account for doing reports on those who are the recent additions of 10k stake holders. If your @bilpcoinbot account is only use for curating whitelisted user whom promote their posts twice a day, do the report and circle jerk your own token, nobody will say it's wrong. Be sure to back link to the announcement account's announcement posts which is already expired.
  7. Practice what you preached. If you ask people do not spam, get your alts or curating accounts stop spamming. If you're going to start a contest, make a contest bot account that only do contest, rather than making 10 posts a day and all of them are upvoted with several hundreds BPC. If that is not spam, what is?
  8. I beg your pardon, did you just said my grammar is poor and led to flags? Come on man, it's not like your Engrish is any better than mine. Mind your own language before you comment on mine. I didn't seem to have problem surviving for the past 2 and a half year, I don't see how bad Engrish can led me to a flag. If perfect English is required to participate in #bpc, then spell it out in your announcement! But do make sure you hire a person who have perfect command in English to author that post or you're turning yourself to become the joke of the century.
  9. I totally understand why do you check out my transactions, that's because you wanted to protect your token. You were watching my trade, and you did not realize I parked my value higher than market price? You should thank me for raising your market value since people are buying my token. Do you know if a rogue trader came in, he or she can easily manipulate your price tag by buying one round of all the cheap tokens, anything below 0.05 and force sell a small amount at 0.001, use an alternate account to buy that cheap offer 0.001 to plunge your token value? So to trigger a panic sell amongst your hodler? Don't worry about it, I had that intention when I was banned, but I feel really-really guilty now if I force your price drop so I can buy cheap tokens. But you need to be prepared if this will happen. Don't just accuse your user selling your token, check out how they plot their trades, how many buy and how many sells, at what price they plot the trades, whether the trade will make the price goes up or go down.
  10. Last but not least, I am not stopping my power down, neither will I join your 10k stake. The only thing I can work with is maximum 13 weeks, that is already consider bad for #steem. Any investors will agree with me, why need to bind cash into a token that is not even main stream and uanble to liquidate anytime soon. 16 months powering down, dude.

I am not trying to change you, but if #bilpcoin continue to operate this way and treating your investors like an idiot, you will not go far. I may not have #steemp, but I do have real steem that is actually worth something. I do not wanna convert my steem back and forth, do you know how much 1% mean to me? I don't know about you, may be you think it's small. If you have 1000steem, converting them would mean I'm only getting back 990steemp.


Once again, I am really happy that you unbanned me and I promise I will not be back to capitalize on you. I have stopped all the sellings, the liquid BPC will be sent to NULL. Including the curation reward for this week, will be continue to burn next week. You don't have to trust me, but one fine day when you're fedup with the people trying to abuse you(they probably doesn't even know they're abusing you), think of my suggestion. Once all these being highlighted, I wouldn't mind put down money where my mouth is.


As promised. All liquid token has been burnt.





@wongshiying 老王 迎着闪电 开着卡车 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



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ini baru lahhh !!! Huat arr..

I barued for two weeks, token value quite good. We had a small argument, and I decided to leave. Nonetheless, it's still one of very new and finely protected token you may trust. I will be back when they iron out those things that I have suggested.

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