We certainly don't want you to have to put your active key anywhere. However seems to continue to be a requirement of steemconnect interface.

Thank you for responding. :)

Just a little heads up... We are now testing another system that is similar to steemconnect that makes active key completely optional. Keychain is a wonderful alternative for desktop users however we need something solid for mobile users.

We need to hit the google play store with apps for exposure. Everyone has phone, but not everyone has a computer. Also Steem Monsters would be niiiiice as an app.

Steem Connect adjusts your account's posting permissions so the apps can post for you. Adjusting your posting permissions requires the active key. Here's an example from my account via steemd:


where do I undo these posting permissions? It's outrageous to have so many unknown online identities to be able to post / vote on your behalf. Huge attack surface. Got to prune this list ruthlessly!

Thank you for responding with a concise and easy to understand answer, it's much appreciated! :)

What does the 6.25% mean? Is that a percentage of payout or a percentage of something else that you do not get and which goes out to those apps?

It is the percentage of the listed authorities required to carry out a transaction. Since each is 6.25% and the Threshold at the bottom is also 6.25%, it means that any one of those authorities can make a transaction on your account.

I guess I should write an authority management app for that.

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