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RE: If You Care About Steem, Stop Using Steemit

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Hi @jongolson. I switched to SteemPeak almost immediately after joining Steemit. With SteemPeak you can save your work in drafts, create templates to make posting easier for contests, speciality blogs such as Freewrites, and Curation Projects. It's a timesaver for me to already have my headers and footers in place. All I have to do is insert my content.

The other feature I like about SteemPeak is the Scheduler. I have frequent internet interruptions, and it takes my ISP several days to respond. By scheduling my post, I don't have to worry about not publishing on a particular day.

I wouldn't switch back or use any other front-end. Also, SteemPeak allows me to utilize 10 tags for my postings. I love the side-by-side preview so as you input information in your blog, you can actual see how it will look when published.

Can't say enough about SteemPeak because it's easy to use. Take care, and have a great day.


Yeah it's brilliant. I really do love how easy you can switch between accounts too....Easy to manage this account and CTP's.

Steemit has drafts.

Hi @joeyarnoldvn. I didn't say that Steemit didn't have drafts.

Oh ok. Good. Well, I am beginning to like Steem Peak and may move over someday.

The other thing I like about SteemPeak is the Scheduler. That way I won't miss a deadline on any contests, etc. My internet is frequently going out, and it takes my ISP several day to get someone out to check our neighborhood hub to see what's going on.

So, you schedule out posts? That is tempting for me. Someday, I hope to find ways around my ISP to access the Internet via more decentralized methods perhaps.

I need to check this out. I love templates.

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