They're just trying to get people to do what they want. There is nothing wrong with steemit.

Do you like centralization?

I don't have RCs on that account, so i'll reply here.
Centralization is fine if it works well, which it does in the real world. Centralized systems are highly effective. Decentralization exists to curb the excesses and corruption that comes with centralized power. Decentralization removes the need for trust.

I suppose it's not a question of whether one likes centralization or not.
It's about what works best. I bet most of the users on steem don't really care about centralization-decentralization.

So, you love the centralization of Rothschild who had centralized power over banks, of Hitler who had centralized power, the centralized power of Facebook, etc, etc, etc?

Again, no. I do not support centralization
Why would you go to such extremes?

I am simply saying centralization in its entirety isn't the problem. The problem is the corruption with the power that comes with centralization.

How do we minimize power as absolute power can corrupt absolutely?

You don't like IPFS, P2P, Bit Torrent, Bitcoin, etc?

I think you're missing the point. If I didn't like cryptocurrency and decentralization, why am I here?

Exchanges stole money from their customers.

Nope, they 'legally' didn't. As is the first rule of decentralization, if it's not in your wallet, it's not yours. Before saying it's your money, please check the TOS.

You do not believe in private property?