Steempot Jackpot (First 5 resteems will get 100% upvote!) Lottery!

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Hi all!

I've been away for some time but don't you think I'm not coming back. I've been on a holiday where I could not upload any new Games or Quizzes. Now I've been thinking about something easier, more exciting and something that has more potential for people to grow in STEEM POWER. I've been thinking about the system and I really think I've got the first 'Lottery' where you don't have to pay anything to be able to win a lot of steem. It's easy and works like this: I will be announcing a daily progressive lottery where anybody can participate. The more people participate the more exciting it gets because the prize pool will grow and get bigger the more people join. I think this makes it able for the little guys (minions), and of course the bigger guys as well to win some nice SBD/steem/steempower/$. Actually we're creating something fun and exciting and meanwhile, we're helping each other as well by giving someone the opportunity to win big every day. The rules are explained below and please tell me if you like this idea in the comments below!


What you need to know when participating:

  • You have to upvote the post of the lottery. You can choose the % upvote yourself and you can win that percentage of the jackpot.
    (example: If you upvote 10% in a $250 Jackpot you will win $25).
  • If you have upvoted and resteemed my post before the end of the lottery (23 hours and 0minutes) after the upload of the post you will receive an extra 10% of the prize pool! If somebody wins that upvoted 100% all the money goes to the winner if it less than a 100% the remaining % of the prize pool will count towards the next lottery!
  • Prize pool will grow when people upvote the post of the lottery so everybody will exactly know how big the prize pool is.
  • Posts will be set at default 50/50 so there's half of the posts going towards the prize pool and half of it goes to Steem power to make my upvote bigger so the Lotery will automatically grow each day I can grow my Steem power. (I will be upvoting the lotery 100% of the time to start a prize pool from the start.
  • The winner will win all the Steem backed Dollars(SBD) that I receive in my account.
  • You have to guess the exact Lottery number that can contain Letters and/or numbers. I will be telling you exactly what I'm looking for before the Lottery starts. (for example The winning lottery is : 1A2. I will tell you I'm looking for a number a letter and a number. In the beginning, it will probably be easier like 2 numbers. For example 79.
  • There can be several winners if several people guess the right answer and payouts will be split evenly. *(resteeming will get you 10% more as mentioned above). If there are more winners that have resteemed the post the 10% will also be split evenly among them.
  • You can only answer ONCE (1time). Answering more times will exclude you from winning that day's Lottery.
  • I will be uploading a Lotery every single day. ( There obviously will come a time that something happens that makes it unable for me to do so but I will let you all know).
  • Lottery lasts for 23 hours 0 minutes and winner(s) will be announced in the next lotery.
  • Prizes will be paid out when the money is unlocked exactly 7 days after the upload of the lottery post. ( every winner will be send the SBD and I will confirm that with a picture of my wallet sending the money won.

I really hope you think this idea is good and supports 1 or more steemians every single day and gives at least 1 Person a day the opportunity make a significant difference in their steem experience. Hopefully, they use this in a very positive way to give others the same opportunity so we can help each other to grow! Please tell me if you have any questions or suggestions. I will be upvoting the first 5 people that resteem and follow me as a thank you and promotion! If you have done so please comment below.



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A very interesting idea. I can hardly wait to get started. did i won upvoat by resteemin?

Yes you did! Thank you hope you will be telling a lot of people about this idea and this post!

cool, i will :)

Doh. I already upvoted and resteemed, but forgot to reply.

You still got it! Thanks for that hope to see you and all you steem friends when it starts!

I Up-voted and Resteemed! Looks like a very interesting game to play. I am looking forward to it! Thank you for setting it up @ernstjan!

I have followed, upvoted, and resteemed. Will be looking forward to first contest

That's sweet me too!

Great idea! I don't have a SP vote slider yet so I can't choose the percentage of my upvote. Also check my "Crazy Cryptokas Riddle"! You can win 7 Steem!

Just win the lottery a couple of times and you will have grown a lot;) Make sure you tell as many people as you can to grow the prize pool !

Looks like a good idea; upvoted and I'll follow you

Great! The same for you, hope to see you when it starts and I really hope you will take all your steem friends with you!


Thank you for that! Hope to see you and your friends every single lottery in the future! Please let them all know and follow me so you dont mis out!

OMG bro this is a amazing idea, i just I cant wait for the contest to start!!!

Thats great. Hope you will tell a lot of people so we can get the prize pool bigger and bigger!!

I've upvoted you. What do I need to do

You need to keep checking out my blogs on a daily basis. If you like to see the prize pool grow you can upvote and especially resteem my Lottery posts so that as many friends of yours can see my blogs as well and participate!

Re-Steemed, upvoted and followed! I think this is a great idea!

That's great. Hope I will see you and your friends as well at every single Lottery there will be in the future! Let them know there is 'free' steem to win and spread the word!


wow! What a nice idea.. i would love to participate!

I hope you will and tell all your steem friends about it. Great way to win some steem!

Can't wait for the lottery to begin! :)

Looks like a good idea; upvoted and I'll follow you @ernstjan

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