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Ideas to get our crowdfund on fundition noticed

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Currently to try to get more peoples attention.!/@chibera/rt4n7bfhe

These ideas that will not be paid out:

  • Just pay bots
  • Spam everyone on discord
  • social media campaigns
  • Generally anything obvious

The winner will win 10 Steem

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Producing a short film set in the world. Having produced several short films myself, I know how much work this is, but I have several proposals for how to make it both low-budget and brilliant.

Step 1. host a script-writing contest
Set some guidelines that will attract cost-effective scripts, including location restrictions, length restrictions, and requesting explanations of how to afford any script elements that seem expensive (E.G. I might write a script with a fight scene that seems expensive to shoot, but if I also volunteer that I know a fight choreographer who will do it for free and a friend with a drone that will shoot it for free, well, maybe it's feasible)

Step 2. Select scripts
There are several steemians, myself included, with film-making experience who can, with the Chibera creative team, help select several feasible scripts to choose between. I'd propose then a community-driven selection process, with voting being either restricted to folks with a perks level or being value-based via upvotes to posts of the scripts by Chibera (and sure, if people want to pay bots to vote for their scripts, fine. The proceeds go to Chibera to help fund the winning script's production.)

Step 3. Putting together a production team
This might be the hardest part. Depending on whether the winning script's writer is a film-making professional, someone would have to build a team. I volunteer my services as a producer, though, and could put together a team if there aren't other options.

Step 4. Fund the short film.
For 1000 SBD, an entertaining 3 minute short film that shows off good storytelling and has a few poppin' design elements can act as an advertisement for Chibera itself, and this whole process of the contest will draw the attention of creatives in the first place, creatives who have fan bases... 1000 SBD is nothing to sneer at, certainly, but Chibera can regulate the value of the product throughout the process. If Chibera has less, they can set their sights on a simpler product. Budgeting can be part of the pitch packet for project submissions. This requires some organizing, but I think could have a tremendous influence on both attracting talent and attention to the world of Chibera.

You should learn what steemmonsters is doing because it is also jumbo size project.

  1. You need to draw attention from a huge SP holder.
  2. Create an upvote bot that upvote using the some specific tag like #chibera.
  3. Make contests and ask them to share your contest.
  4. Giving some incentive to the steemians who play your game(You may already did).
  5. Make some story contest and let the steemian write.
  6. Public your demo of game to public.
  7. Invite steemian who has a lots of follower and ask them write about your game.

I checked out most of the suggestions and they are all pull strategies hoping you will lure investors at this early stage to do that you're going to need quite a bit of marketing and factor that into your funds you're raising in order to see how much you can afford for onboarding acquisition costs. Its a bit of a gamble also

You're probably not going to like this one but the best is to opt for a push strategy and to 1 to 1 outreach. Make a list of investors you think would be keen and have stake and approach them 1 by 1, from those who are not keen ask them for a recommendation and then add it to your list. I know this is painful and not the traditional glamorous crowdfunding idea we've been sold but it does work!


Very astute and great feedback! Thanks!

I love this idea! I have some ideas, will be sharing. I resteemed, and I'll be back!


Let's hear em Eco!


I am so slow, but I am putting together a comprehensive post right now with many ideas!

It's quite something that you are raising money for. And you already got almost $1000, which I think is a lot of of money for a project in such a small niche. Because you are indeed targeting a rather small part of people. Others are less fortunate...

Anyway, ideas...

You could organize all kinds of contests and challenges here on SteemIt, but also on Whaleshares, for example a writing contest, some kind of referrral contest, a drawing contest based on the info you give on the fundraising page (ask people what the tree you describe looks like in their imaginagio, do the same for the mutated humans, dwarfs and elves you mention(, maybe offer something small in exchange for support (don't make it sound small when you advertise it)...

basically, you need to get as many people as possible to post about it to reach the widest possible audience.

Give small rewards to people who post a screenshot that proves they've shared it on other social media.

And I guess my best tip would be to retrace the steps of Steemmonsters because they set up an admirable promo campaign

Maybe set up a curation trail to reward all people who write about it and use your tag...


You should know, $1000 is approximately one day or less of compensation for the dev team on a project of this scale. The current cost of dev is close to $30K per month for a dozen full time developers and artists and writers and staff. A game of this scale routinely costs millions to produce but our entire budget is between a half and three quarters of a million. Nearly $100,000 has already been spent on development to date. And we consider this a shoestring budget for a typical MMORPG game project of this scale for multiplatform release.

As for "the less fortunate" I, in addition to being on the Chibera community relations team, also founded the @YouAreHOPE Foundation last fall, a year ago on October 16th. We are well aware at YouAreHOPE of the less fortunate and with the help of community partnerships and steemians all over the world, we have helped 1000s of people in a dozen countries with basic humanitarian aid in disadvantaged locales and emergency crisis conditions. We can actually do a lot more for them for a lot less than a game costs to produce, but both are worthy projects.

We have had writing contests, music contests, art contests and more, we noted social media campaigns were not eligible in the post though.

Steem monsters routinely spends 500-600 per post using bots to boost their posts, so your allegation that $1000 is "a lot of money" for one of the largest selling game genres in the world doesn't mesh with your admiration of an actual niche card game that has spent close to half a thousand per post, dozens of times, amassing well over a million dollars in funding for a game that only runs on ONE platform and isn't in a genre even a tenth the size of mmorpgs.

We do not feel at this time spending our investors and player crowdfunded funds on trended botted posts is the best use of our fanbases money like the card game did. Many were unhappy with them for doing so.

The curation trail idea is the one we have not yet already done or explored, so we will consider that for your entry. Thanks!

Host games and competitions that bring notice to fundition. Be active with responding to those in your topics and reach out and respond to posts of others.

Contest Ideas :

  • Have contestents create a post about fundation and earn entry for X prize
  • Have readers tag a friend in the comment section of your post for an entry to win X prize

The first idea is great, I'm not sure the idea of the second one is a good idea on this platform. It's not encouraged to tag people to seemingly random things. Granted, sometimes it's appropriate to tell a friend about something that they would find interesting or relevant, however, when gamifying it into a contest, it begets spammer types and unwanted taggings and overall is less likely to be well received than it might seem.

Apparently putting connecting your post with Steem Bounty was a good way to get me to notice it... Steem based MMO currency is an intriguing idea.

As for my suggestion, you should try something along the lines of They have a cool way of getting an inside peek into the development process as well as a way to help guide the game direction. Now their scope is quite large compared to what you might want to do, but trying to find a way to include the community and your potential audience in the development of the game might generate interest and buzz.

  1. contact to the stemians who have large number of followers tell them write article about it and promote your refral link by posting and pay them for article they would love to do.

  2. bulk advertise posting in the traffic forums.

  3. promote by paid youtubers.

  4. create a giveaway post related you refral link or ico.

  5. make a related post about ico and get paid resteem service.

  6. check this one

  7. contact PTC site owners like neobux and clixense who have large number of traffic deal with them.

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I used them to get upvote comment that's it. I will not recommend to use them specially in steem-bounty. For example steem-bounty reward to commenter not to the reply. So if you use them in post they will be commenter so this way maybe they will get rewards I think and of course you don't want to pay bots.

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Well, except you got a portion of the bounty all due to the bots. That's all I'm noticing.

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Are you familiar with Paradox Interactive? They do weekly development diaries for all their games, HoI4, CK2, EUIV and others I can't remember and this always makes the community keep interacting and get hyped over the developments of the next patch or DLC.

I'm not saying you have to write a super long essay, sometimes they do long diaries, sometimes its just a picture with a few commentaries of what they have been working on recently, it's always fun to have the new info once a week and the devs usually hang out on the diary for at least 1 or 2 hours answering questions and just having fun with the community, I've always enjoyed that.

Here are some examples of their development diaries so that you can get an idea of how they go, they don't even have to be weekly dev diaries, it could be twice a month even.

Hearts of Iron IV
Crusader Kings II
Europa Universalis IV

How about writing articles with other languages? There're many non-English speakers who are interested in blockchain games. You can ask the community to translate your articles.
And I think you should step up conventional SNSs more such as Twitter or Facebook, not only Steemit. I know that the game is based on STEEM but you can't attract new players if you're focused on Steemit too much. Those SNSs have hundreds or thousands times larger users than Steemit. Make a new Twitter account as the Japanese official Chibera account. I can assure you that many Japanese will be interested in it.

What about giving a backer or sponsor own character as a monster or a boss, or a inn keeper?

2nd idea, what about a weapon name, or area after the users name implemented in it?

Artakush imagines from the bush...


Great ideas! (I suggested these to Chibera when i joined the team as a community relations team member but I'm not eligible for the contest and we had not executed these ideas yet) so good luck, I kind of hope you ideas are well received by the judges (I am not one on this contest) since I sort of said similar things myself!

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Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!

Very wonderful ideas and successful
Thank you for the wonderful effort
I will certainly benefit from it

Whales! Unfortunately, this community circulates around the people with the most SP. We need to peek the interest of one of the major community posters.

Also, more hype, the release of more gameplay functionality videos, game models and animations.



So your idea for Chibera to promote itself is to be "nice"? This looks like spam...

There are several ideas that are good and could help, I do tend to agree with @chekohler you may need to do a push style campaign, especially with the amount of money you need to raise. Several things that I thought of have already been mentioned.

  • Possibly some sort of referral system, where the amounts that the referrals put towards the project, could be paid in the reward level bonuses. You already have the reward levels set up, and I think that discord can actually track referrals. You would just need a script to query the fundation supporters and compare it to the referrals.

  • Someone mentioned wales, I would agree, but I would say some 1 on 1 conversations shooting for SP or some large consistent upvotes. Pick on some of the gamer types like @themarkymark, his avatar would look awesome in the game... (probably have to adjust it a bit for copyright)

  • Also hit up some of the gaming communities, @simplegame runs a dungeon crawl styled play by post game, or the newbiegames community.

  • Align with some of the larger groups on steemit, something like the PAL group. Maybe create a guild in the game just for them, with their own little guild halls and some kind of in game gear that each guild member gets. Having a couple guild masters who get a little extra perks, but control who get in the guild.

  • Another idea along the lines of the groups and guild halls, only offer to do it for 3 of the communities. Hold a contest where each of the communities who are participating create a post, with the fundation info, and each community member who donates or votes adds a comment to the post. Then pick the winner based on amount raised or something similar.

If anything else hits me I'll drop back by....

Talk to @SurpassingGoogle/@steemgigs about #ulogs and maybe do a daily Ulog update.

he has his own front end,, and it would help you both, in the end, to get the word out. You can also use the tag #ulog-snookmademedoit :D


lol, I thought snookmademedoit was just for @ecoinstant....


Not just for me anymore ;p

@Snook makes all kinds of people do all kinds of good stuff!


I've noticed she has that way about her.


This is a really interesting suggestion! Maybe tje whole team can do some sort of rotational ulog (team ulog?), an experiential log about developing a game!

From the other angle, if anyone can involve Chibera, the contents, brainstorming about the game, chatting in the discord or any other related topic to their ulog, and use the #chibera tag, the post will be reviewed by the team at Chibera and be eligible for an official upvote!

my advise for to identify the set of people that fit the category your project is on and work anthem or you create a bot to help you on you course.

guerilla marketing
pick a few "personalities" to start dropping things in larger places, it's free and effective

  • Get in touch with steemit gaming communities and gamedev influencers, like @opgaming, @steemgc and @thecastle. You could offer delegations, upvotes or advertising them back using their banners.

  • Get consulting from Daniel Doan, he's a game marketing master. Seriously.

  • Write an article about your game and post it on, on the gamedev subreddit's weekly thread and drop your link on the devlog's subreddit.