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Digitex Futures is doing a Steemit special bounty!

This is a Steemit exclusive bounty!

Read more about it - @OriginalWorks Writing Contest

What is Digitex?

The Digitex Futures Exchange is a commission free futures exchange!

Whereas traditional exchanges eat away at the profits with fees for every trade, the Digitex Futures Exchange does not charge any fees that would impact the profitability of trading.

The Digitex Economy

Digitex is funded by issuing tokens to cover operational costs. The amount required is determined by the existing holders of Digitex, and not a centralized authority! This guarantees that the funding is done in the most efficient manner possible!

Individual account private keys are NOT held hostage by Digitex as is the case with numerous other exchanges.

More Information & Resources:

The drop is for 0.5 STEEM, and it will be given to up to 5000 users!

Please follow the instructions carefully. Due to the large amount of potential participants, we will not be rewarding participants who fail to follow these instructions!

To participate in the Digitex Steem bounty, do the following:

  1. Only 1 per person!
  2. Register for Digitex Early Access.
  3. Through their program, join Telegram!
  4. Send @bountyworks a memo containing ONLY your telegram user name.

Correct Format Example

Please follow the above format closely! It should be just one term!

The bounty will end:

*September 18th 2018

Once the bounty closes, the users will be checked and prizes will be distributed.

Prizes should be distributed within a few days after the event closes!

Thank you to the Digitex for the Steemit exclusive!

Disclaimer: @BountyWorks makes no claims as to the legitimacy or operating procedures of contest topics. @BountyWorks does not offer any sort of investment advice. This is a bounty. @BountyWorks only collects users information and forwards them to the contest topic! @BountyWorks bears no responsibility as to the distribution process!


Call me the bounty hunter

Thanks for this opportunity :3 I registered in Digitex and I joined to their telegram

This is my Telegram Username: @bharathi22

Regards ^^

Hi there,

i will follow you. Looking forward to more Airdrops or Bounties from you. If you are interested, you can follow me too. I try to post Bounty and Airdrop Campaigns every day.

Lets support each other!

Best regards


Telegram: @elkairo14

What happends here?

I've registered Digitex Early Access and joined telegram group.

My telegram username: @admiral232

I have registered Digitex Early Access and joined telegram group. Here is my username:@slycomaslylene

I have already registered Digitex Early Access and joined telegram group. Here is my telegram username: @manuelgil64

no one got 0.5 lol

Pretty cool. my telegram username is @teefresh and i already sent this via transaction to you @bountyworks

I joined Diditex Digitex Early Access. I submitted my telegram user name. my telegram usernam @hdasoka

cool danke für das

I did, here is to confirm my telegram

I registered on Dgtx Early access and joined their telegram group ...Here is my telegram username @neyor44

Hi DIGITEX, an excellent proposal, my user name in Telegram Douglas FG

Excellent promotion Thank you very much for the invitation @bountyworks

done, user Telegram: @hendersonp

Ready I registered in digitex and I joined telegram
@erick77 is my username in telegram


Telegram username: @AdewaraRilwan

A really great tech. No fees is really Kool. Nice one guys.

Danke für diese super Information.
werde es mir gleich mal anschauen
schönes Wochenende

Hi @bountyworks I registered in Digitex and I joined to their telegram

This is my Telegram Username: @jhosepdelgado

Done it.
My Telegram username @RaviMuvvala

@bountyworks I registered in Digitex and also joined to their telegram

Here is my Telegram Username: @clockworkpriya

I registered Digitel and joined telegram group
My telegram user is @edu_gf1

Can the promotion still be done?

Done the registration my telegram username is @Afromit

Done! My telegram username: @ceparl

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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