Boulder PA Sunday

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Hi people!

I decided to try out this theme, #bouldersunday, started by @shasta, which I just discovered thru a sketchandjam post. I really enjoy his music, and I've also come to appreciate the simplicity of his photo posts too, so I create this in thanks.

moss covered rocks in Ringing Rocks

This theme seems perfect for me because it's Sunday, and I live in Boulder County, CO. However it looks like white winter nonsense today in Boulder, so ima need to use some older boulders, and not necessarily from CO.

a dry waterfall in the park

Recently I had the pleasure of hiking with my sister in PA. I have a few places that these photos come from, so i'll call this Boulders of PA.

modern day rock art

We went to Ringing Rocks County Park in Bucks County, PA. Within this park is a field of ten foot deep rocks and small boulders that, when struck with a metal object, make a sonorous tonal sound much like a bell.

kids trying out the ringing rocks

Only about a third of the rocks ring, so on any given day you might find visitors clutching hammers or crowbars hiking along a trail to the rock field, where they will then spend part of an hour hitting various rocks in hope of finding one which "rings".

awesome vid (not mine) about ringing rocks

commercial break

The next Sunday, we went to Bushkill Falls in the Poconos. I'll probably do a separate post about Bushkill, but there were a few cool rocks there that I included in here for y'all.

the side of a trail

Most of Bushkill is a massive rock ravine surrounded by woods with numerous waterfalls, so its difficult to differentiate between the tip of a rock shelf and a boulder separate from other rocks.

most of the trees and trails grew on top of and in between giant rock shelves

I saw a number of fallen trees that had pulled up large rocks they had grown around.

its difficult to judge but this beauty is about 1x2 feet and had gorgeous colors..

a slab of rock attached to the base of a fallen tree

My favorite kind of boulders live in the water..

so many rocks and trees..

... surrounded by autumn trees!


thanks for reading!


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Gorgeous photos!!

thank you my dear! hope you and your pumpkin are well ;)

Thanks so much! We are doing great, he's growing up so fast. Hope you are doing well too and would love to se everyone again for a meetup soon💜

That's a lovely bunch of boulders!
I have a fascination with rocks and rock formations, so I really enjoy visiting places like the ones in these pictures.

tys!!! i love rocks as well but they arent as always fun to photograph. one day id like to go to a cave again and try to capture the neat formations. another one is any of the utah national parks.. but thats AFTER i buy my $2000 camera.

For 2 grand, that has to be one heck of a camera!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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What, have you been living under a boulder? (ducks) #bouldersunday rocks! Nice collection of PA boulders here, the ringing rocks are really interesting (fun video). I have always loved finding uprooted trees still clutching boulders in roots.

ya pretty much. im a bit of a recluse. i really need to get out more before winter really sets in, which given the weather right now, i might be too late. ima hope for a rehash of autumn after this preview..


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May be stone forest..beautiful

Posted using Partiko Android

indeed it is...

So beautiful and really very interesting place with great environment.

thanks!! i tend to take photos of nature, but some of my most interesting photos were of strange things in cities,,. i should try that again. after the snow melts...

Oh I would love to get me some ringing one :) or maybe you could record the audio :)? Ever since what's up doc movie haha I was curious about using stones as instruments, thanks for the hike by the way :)

the rocks lose their tone if you take them away from their space. no one knows why. and i wish i could get the tones, but i am back in CO now. :( the stones are 1700 miles away..

must be magic then! Will have to visit with my portable microphone then... !

i dear it is true, i would need to buy a proper mic and learn how to record to even do it justice, but maybe you can ask aggy to do it, he lives close to there now.


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Hello @torico nice to meet you! :-)
What a outstanding boulder post!! Wow so many wonderful rocks
Glad you got some photos before all the snow, we got some warm
weather here in Alaska right now, no snow yet. Those ringing rocks
are amazing! lol at the commercial break, looks yummy!! I see some
initials on one them boulders! Never know when might find real old
writing on a rock that was under a fallen tree! Truly awesome to
see so many beautiful boulders! Thank you for sharing these!

thanks!!! yeah, i wonder of anyone ever looks at rocks and tries to decipher how long initials have been there. people have known about the ringing rocks since the 1800s, so its possible someone famous might have visited. bit easier in garden of the gods, there is this one place where thee are hundreds of names chiseled into the red stone. strange customs we humans have..

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