Boulder Sund ay 🎃 Number 47

Welcome to my blog on this glorious Boulder Sunday! This boulder has recently slide of it's resent position and landed on the ground.


I can still see it's imprint that it's nearly tolled over and down into the ravine but it didn't.


The mossy side are still on the top and undisturbed


It must have been a quite unreal site when this large bolder slide down from it's earlier position.


Thank you for visiting my blog and joining me in my very first #boldersunday by @shasta


Yes, I can actually see the imprint after the bolder! It can't be many days' sins it slides down.

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I saw that something looked different and it was a big thing!!!

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And who says boulders don't stroll around when no one's looking! lol
Awesome find @tolaramazan! So beautiful with the moss, wonderful
photographs! Must of made a incredible sound! Thank you for sharing
these magnificent stones! :-)

Yes that boulder must weight tons!

I imagine the spectacle that can be seen when seeing that great rock change position.

Wow! That must have been a big event. It probably did not move quietly! !Tip

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