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Here's a glacial erratic for this #bouldersunday by @shasta

The sun ray made a little lens flair that resembles a pair of critter eyes in the shadows. Perhaps its a jackalope spying on me.

Nope no jackelope in the shade, darn it.

Here's a shot off the edge of it looking at some fall colors.

Here's the other side of the boulder, some cilica glints are embedded in it.

Later I found a baby boulder peeking out of the layers of leaves.

Here's a red leaf I found. It gets really bright backlit against the sun.

Now for some fall colors... happy #bouldersunday

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Love the beautiful autumn scenes.

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Thanks, it was close to peak colors today. I have alot of good material for tree tuesday now.

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Beautiful view

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Thanks, fall is my favorite season.

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jackaloupe is a new word to me... Great pictures as always

Hah yeah its a funny cryptid, a rabbit with antlers. Though its more of a soutwestern cryptid. The main ones in my area are dogmen lol.

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Aww Fall colours fill my soul all kinds of golden

What a awesome huge boulder, oh my goodness a jackalope looking
back at you!!! :-) Fantastic autumn colors there! Sure is a beautiful
time of year! Nice touch with the leaf on the rock. Those jackalope eyes
look like googlyeyes! 👀 lol

Probably the safest cryptid to be looking back at you.

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Beautiful pictures.

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Thanks :-)

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