Boulder Sunday ❤ Number 63

in #bouldersundaylast year


Happy Big Rock Day!

Early or late any day is good
for a boulder date!

Stone cat surrounded by rocky boulders.


Negative greys brighten the darkness.


She who waits.



Show us your boulders

Large rocks are needed
roll them on over.
Must be your own photos!
Boulder location would be
great to know if possible.

Use the tag
#bouldersunday by @shasta
Then we can hunt them!

Drop a link to your
boulder below so we
don't miss your post!

Many thank you's
to all the boulder posters!
It is a real pleasure to
see them!


Everyone's #bouldersunday
postings in order.
Link scrolls back to the stone age.


Thank you @otage for the cool street name!



Photos & words by @shasta Jan 25th 2020 9:19 PM O'rock Alaska


Funny stone cat

Hehe thank you @apnigrich! :-)
This stoned cat was in front of a coffee hut lol

ahahaha. :)

Cute stone cat :)

Thank you @avare! He was just begging to
have his photo taken! :-)

I love your photo of the cement kitty sitting among the rocks. It looks like it naturally belongs there.

Thank you @jacey.boldart! He was just so sweet
with boulders at his feet/paws! 🐾 :-)

Boulder - the cat :)

Next time we stop by there I will ask
how 🐱 Boulder is doing! :-)

Thank you so much @irvet for sharing this very interesting
boulder story! Looks like a face profile on the left end of
that large stone! :-)

Love the stone cat Shasta.

Thank you @redheadpei! Isn't he a sweet little guy! :-)

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