Boulder Monument | Памятник валуну

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A monument to a boulder has been erected on the Buyinsky Pass of the Yenisei Highway, before entering the avalanche gallery.
На буйбинском перевале автодороги "Енисей", перед въездом в противолавинную галерею установлен памятник валуну.

The Yenisei federal highway is the main transport link connecting the Republic of Tuva with the rest of Russia. Not so long ago, the Buybin pass, located at an altitude of about one and a half kilometers above sea level, was a very dangerous segment of the route to Tuva: several avalanches came down from the summit a day, sweeping away everything in its path.
Федеральная трасса "Енисей" является основным транспортным путем, связывающим республику Тува с остальной Россией. Не так давно Буйбинский перевал, находящийся на высоте около полутора километров над уровнем моря, являлся очень опасным отрезком трассы в Туву: с вершины сходило по несколько лавин в день, сметая всё на своем пути.​

My father was a truck driver in his youth and drove loads to Tuva, in 1966 his truck fell into an avalanche when his father was dug out, he was alive, but his head was completely gray, he was not yet thirty years old.

In the seventies of the last century, road workers began to build an avalanche gallery, the chauffeur called it a "regiment". Initially, it was a small structure erected on the most dangerous site.
Мой отец в молодости был водителем грузовика и возил грузы в Туву, в 1966 году его грузовик попал под лавину, когда отца откапали, он был жив, но его голова была полностью седой, ему тогда не было ещё и тридцати лет.​

В семидесятых годах прошлого века дорожники начали строить противолавинную галерею, шофера называли её "полка". Вначале это было небольшое сооружение, возведенное на самом опасном участке.

Gradually, the length of the protected track was increased, and finally in 2013 the “regiment” turned into the longest avalanche gallery in Russia. Monument to the boulder, symbolizes the release of vehicles passing along the Yenisei road from the danger of snow and stone avalanches.
Постепенно длинну защищенной трассы увеличивали и наконец в 2013 году "полка" превратилась в самую длинную в России противолавинную галерею. Памятник валуну, символизирует освобождение проезжающего по дороге "Енисей"автотранспорта от опасности снежных и каменных лавин.

This is my entry today to​ #BoulderSunday​ created by​ @shasta.
Camera​ Nikon 1 S1
Location Siberia
Thank you for reading me.
Follow my blog, looking forward to seeing many interesting things.
Подписывайтесь на мой блог, впереди нас ждет много интересного.


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That's a really interesting story. I can only imagine being in my car under the gallery while an avalance taking place and large bulders hit the roof,lol. Has it happened to you?

No, I did not get into a situation where an avalanche passes over the gallery, and the car is inside

Интересный рассказ!
Спасибо за публикацию на русском языке.

Подробности о проекте здесь.
Сообщите, если не желаете получать от нас комментарии.

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Thank you very much!

Wow now this is a very amazing boulder post @irvet! :-)
Imagine the sound of such a avalanche of stones going over, must be
tremendous!! I've heard of such frights turning ones hair pure white!
Sure glad he made it out! Oh my how scary that would be!
Sure looks like a very beautiful area, really awesome to see a
boulder monument! Thank you for sharing, this was very interesting!

You are right, @shasta, the Buybinsky pass offers a magnificent panorama

It was a very important decision to build this pass for vehicles. Sometimes one wonders - what took them so long? How many avalanches had to occur to make this civil engineering construction? But the important thing is that it's done. Warm greetings from Venezuela @irvet

@marcybetancourt, warm greetings from cold Siberia. That's probably how life works :)

Я смотрю на твою ленту и решил, что у меня двоится в глазах. :)

С естимом тупанул :)

да ничего страшного :)

I have often heard that stress can make your hair turn gray, and many before and after photos of American presidents seem to prove the point. I cannot imagine how terrified the father in your story would have been as he realized that he, and his child, would be in an avalanche. This event certainly would cause a traumatic response in the body. Including this story in your post made your pictures and the information about this monument so much more personal. I can relate to the emotion surrounding the location, and see the people who drive this pass with more empathy. Thank you for sharing @irvet 🌱

OMG, that was a very scary situation. So glad your father was not seriously injured. A very dangerous trek of road. So glad it was fixed for the many people who traveled the stretch of highway, especially the truck drivers carrying goods and services to and from.

Thanks for sharing, and have a great day.

thank you very much! :)

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