Hi Melinda, I love your rock and any rock for that matter. Hope you're having a wonderful day. xo

Thanks! It looks like a good day here! Hope it is for you, too!

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Tag a friend to see this rock for no reason

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@Shasta has a challenge for rock photos and you might be surprised at how many of us like rocks!

That is a beautiful boulder @melinda010100! :-)
Lovely setting it has, is that maidenhair fern below it?
Really love your edits, they look like different seasons!
Thank you for sharing this awesome rock!

Thanks and thanks for this delightful challenge, too! I love being on the lookout for beautiful boulders when I am out taking photos. You may be right about the Fern, but actually I was looking at the plant to the right of the Rock with the large decorative leaves and wondering what it was!

I love this photo Melinda. Very nice job.

Something about the shrubbery around it, and how you positioned your capture. It's beautiful. Also I love the photo manipulations. Keep up the great work!

Hey there! Always nice to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words!

Ahhhhhh....what a lucky boulder having such beautiful surrounding 🌝

Ha! I must say that it did seem happy! 😀

No doubt 🌝

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Check the new contest I just launched.
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Yes, its really nice stone path for reading a story book.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

I've always been drawn the big rocks like that.

Me, too! I just want to pat them on the head when I go past.

The photographer's motto is to always have your camera ready. You never know when you come across a boulder or a bird or a tree. I try to be always ready! Lovely photos of nature.

I seldom leave the house without my camera!

Do you also experiment with photos? 👍

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I did for this post! It is fun to see all the ways you can change the photos!


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Howdy today Melinda! That's a good looking boulder, or is it just a rock? Or is there a difference? lol...anyway it fits so well in that gorgeous park and the edits are cool too!

I think they are all rocks, but not all rocks are boulders! 😀 Hope you are having a great Thursday!

Oh I like your definition! I'm sure that's true. Today has been great, spent most of the day outside working, it's unusually mild in temperatures, it only got up to 90 degrees today after it's been right at 100 for weeks! It was cloudy too so I didn't even wear my cowboy hat today. Just my white hair blowing in the wind. lol.

Oh... 90 is too hot for me. I'm happy with the 70s we have been having.

I agree that 70's are the dream temperature to have. Well we have that much of the year except for about 5 months.

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