Come Quick! The Boulders Are Escaping!

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Once upon a time there was a war, and it is still being fought today.

I will tell you the story if you like... Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we'll begin.

This war is between the quick and the dead, the animate and the inanimate, between the living and the not-so-much-alive. On the front lines of the most fierce battles are the boulders and the trees.

Which side are you on? You'd better decide right now. Do you enjoy breathing? Right then... I'll mark you down on the side of the living, shall I?


Learn to tell friend from foe.

In general, green things are good. They produce the very oxygen we breathe. It's easy to remember. If it's green, it won't be mean! But the rocks and the boulders are the enemy. If it's grey, watch what you say! The stones are devious and they have ears. Look at this one here, pretending to be human! The green things know the truth however... see how the little greenies begin to cover the enemy? This is why I've never trusted the Rolling Stones by the way. Look at them flying all around the world, gathering no moss... Where are they off to in such an all-fired hurry?


Need more proof? Consider the Giant Redwood trees. Even after they die they make themselves useful, always lending a hand to us humans. See? This one turned itself into a lovely chair in the forest.


The battle begins with the young.

Baby rocks and baby trees already locked in battle. Who will win? Right now I'd say the vines have captured the small rocks, holding them prisoner until us humans decide what should be done with them.


Here's a good size boulder which has been stationary for some time. Be careful though - the moss and plant life surrounding this enemy boulder are not strong enough to hold it in place if it makes a serious attempt at escape! Boulders have been known to use gravity to run downhill, attempting to reach the centre of the earth, the place where they were created in their fiery furnaces of hell. Those devious scoundrels! I have no use for them!


Alway remember: the trees are our strongest allies

In closing, I'd like to thank @shasta for creating #bouldersunday. Let us never forget the truth about these so-called rocks, nor about our most brave and gallant friends, the trees. Here are two of our most noble heroes, locked in an epic battle with the evil boulders! Behold!


For as long as these trees shall stand, the boulders will not escape!


That's all children. Now run along outside and play!

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That was an Epic post. I loved the writing, and the pictures, they really flowed well and looked fantastic in the post. I have seen trees holding back boulders, and growing over and around them, your photos were great.


I'm happy you liked it! I had fun writing that and processing the photos into... whatever that would be called. Kind of cartoons or something I suppose :-)

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Thanks very much @pixresteemer!

The what bowl? ha ha... I'd rather read blogs than watch that.... stuff.

I saw something a friend posted on another site that said "My idea of a super bowl, is a toilet that cleans itself !" ha ha... I had to concur.

Enjoyed reading your post.


Thank you! I agree with you and won't be watching either - but I bet it will be slow on Steemit a little later today!

Such a beautiful edit on your pictures signore Keith !


Thank you very much Luigi :-)

Wow.... Awesome art 🎨 ... My dear friend

Yeow I love this post you did @keithboone!!
Beautiful photographs and edits!
Your words are most awesome, makes me
smile, laugh, very inspiring and intrigues
the imagination! Trees and boulders rocks,
plants and wood sure go good together

Thank you so much for using the
#bouldersunday tag! Ok I'll go
watch the super boulder! haha


Ummm... you'd better hurry in that case! :-) Thank you!

Missed this post... I was watching the Super Bowl. Now I know the rocks vs the green would have been much more interesting battle to watch. Hindsight is 20/20


Ha! So glad I only caught the last 10 minutes! :-)

haha! very good sir Keith, super clever and some wild shots there and you ran them through a program that makes them look like paintings?


Thank you! Yeah, I used a program to modify the photos. Glad you liked the little story :-)


howdy again sir Keith! yes sir, the story was very fun and unique. A great set of photos is wonderful too but to have a cool story to go along with them really makes it a stand out post. so I say well done!

Hahaha! You delight me. Wonderful rock photos and your accompanying narrative is perfect, as always!


Thanks so much for your support, Melinda! :-)

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