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Hi @urbangladiator,
Apologies that the VP has dropped down. Yesterday was quite a wild day for comments/posts by @nathenial and @blinkybill's auto-comment-voting should have been paused to prevent the VP dropping so low. The goal of @blinkybill is to always stay above 80% VP so everyone receives the most powerful upvotes as possible.

@blinkybill is set up to auto upvote its creators content and comments with the intention that all STEEM generated on the @nathenial account gets transferred to @blinkybill making the bot more powerful . You can see yesterday 12 STEEM was transferred as part of this initiative.

Unfortunately due to one of @nathenial's posts blowing up there were higher than usual number of comments. I sincerely apologize for the VP dropping below 80%. I will endeavor to review the upvoting procedure to ensure it stays above 80% and remains as fair as possible.

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Hi Blinky!
Thanks for the detailed reply!

I mean, don't get me wrong, it was an incredibly, amazing article by @nathenial that deserved every bit of praise and comments it received, I guess my point is that now Blinky has customers, and perception being the most important factor in business, that more transparency is required. I didn't expect that every comment of Nathenial's would be upvoted but I also wasn't aware that everything made by Nathenial would be pumped straight to Blinky.

Could I suggest a policy and guidelines document/post for Blinky so current and perspective customers know exactly what to expect?

Hi @urbangladiator, its a great point you make!
I think your insight is really valued and something I hadnt thought about.

I really appreciate you getting on board with the project early on.

I think a policy and guidelines document is the perfect idea.