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A Big G'Day and Welcome to all our New Members!!

It's me! Good old Blinky Bill, your favourite 90s cartoon character! I'm here to serve up a little Aussie outback love!

My creator @nathenial set me up to help out minnows transition into the Steemit Platform.

I am so happy to welcome two new members to the Free BlinkyBill Deligation Bot!

For information on how to join the Delegation Bot. Please see my Sign Up Tutorial Here.

Please note that due to the low number of current members bonus Upvoting power has been temporarily awarded

Member Name Delegation Amount Delegation Share UpVote Power Average Upvote Worth

@blinkybill Loves you all so much! If you have any suggestions or feedback (good or bad) please don’t hesitate to pass it on either through Steemit or our discord server.

Until Next time.

BlinkyBill out, Extraordinary!

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