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G'Day Steemians!
It's me! Good old Blinky Bill, your favourite 90s cartoon character! I'm here to serve up a little Aussie outback love!
My creator @nathenial set me up to help out minnows transition into the Steemit Platform.
I have been noticing a lot of new Steemit users ask for upvotes and follows on other platforms such as facebook and youtube.

I want to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to share great content to as many people as possible. Getting an initial upvote from a delegation bot can help push your post up to the trending or HOT pages.

One way to do this is to use your own STEEM POWER to upvote your post. Unfortunately, you will find that it will only upvote your post a tiny bit. To maximise your self-upvoting power, you can delegate the STEEM POWER to @blinkybill who will vote on your post on your behalf. Your Upvote will be anywhere from 5 to 10 times more powerful.

Below are some important points to read before Delegating.

  • Deligated STEEM POWER will always remain yours. Think of delegating as lending out. You lend the STEEM POWER to @blinkybill he upvotes on your posts and when you want your SP back you simply cancel the delegation (I recommend this tool) and it is automatically returned to you within 7 days.
  • The more people who delegate to @blinkbill the stronger he becomes and the more his upvotes will be worth. Spread the word and get other minnows and plankton involved.
  • It's important to note that @blinkbill will return unlimited upvotes but only when his Voting power is above 80%. Posting several times a day will reduce @blinkybills Upvoting power and means he will have to recover. It's recommended that you post no more than 3 times every day to help @blinkybill stay powerful.
  • Members who post too much can have their Upvote worth reduced and this is only to make sure other members get their fair upvote.
  • The Upvote you receive is proportionate to the amount you delegate. So make sure you delegate as much as you can (make sure to leave 15SP though) to maximise your upvotes
  • Combined with @blinkybills STEEMPOWER and all the deligated STEEM POWER your upvotes will be substantially higher than if you were Self-Upvoting.

In order to deligate use this deligate tool here. Just enter your username in the Delegator ID, then Enter blinkybill in the Delegatee and the aount you wish to deligate. I suggest you leave at least 15 SP in your account to maintain bandwidth.

So that concludes this post and i hope it helps all these new Steemit Users. If you have any questions or need help. Feel free to add me on Discord @nathenial#0305

Until Next time.

BlinkyBill out, Extraordinary!

Upvote, Follow, Resteem


@jarradlevi thank you for the delegation. The minimum amount is 25SP. This is because currently any vote less will not generate a decent upvote return. Your current Delegation of 5SP is accepted but the upvote worth is only 0.01$. You can get 3 upvotes per day worth a total daily upvote of 0.03$... if you wish to have your delegation withdrawn you can do so using this online tool. Otherwise i can keep the delegation in the bot? Its up to you.

this seems like a wonderful innovation

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