uBot Minor Update - No Comments Left On Votes

in bot •  10 months ago

We have decided to not leave comments on uBot upvotes anymore. If you have come to rely on the comments to know that you have received a vote please check your votes on your post or if you have a massive amount of votes please check your post on https://steemd.com. Remove the "it" on steemit.com and replace with "d" to make it steemd.com/your-post, as so:



We have done this for a couple of reasons. While the comments may advertise our service and get as a couple of bids we think the majority of our bids comes from repeat customers and https://steembottracker.com. That being said, we think our current and new customers and would appreciate not having another bot comment on their post and don't want their posts littered with bot comments Since we allow bids on comments we think this is an extra value added service to our customers.

Since our last post we have added about 2000 Steem Power to uBot and things have been going quite well.

Remember we resteem all bids!

We really appreciate everybody who has been using uBot!!! If you have any questions you can go to our homepage at https://www.ubot.ws/

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