Where does slimwhale SP come from?

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I want to make a quick bot update, for the sake of transparency, letting everyone know where @slimwhale SP comes from.


Minnowbooster lease market

Minnowbooster is an excellent place, where among other things, you can lease SP directly from other users. Anyone can trade SP on the market. There are many reasons why one might consider leasing SP, but in the context of voting bots, the reason is increasing the voting power of the bot, thus attracting larger and more numerous bids and increasing the profile of the bot. At the moment, @slimwhale has leased about 1650 SP from the market, in the last 50 days or so. Not coincidentally, about 50 days ago @slimwhale was founded. While my delegation requests in the past have been mostly random, I am planing on making a more consistent investment strategy, attempting to reinvest every week all the bot payouts towards leasing more SP from the market.

Owner delegation

I. @prometheus21 am the owner of @slimwhale and also the biggest investor, with 316 SP delegated. I bought part of my STEEM during the recent dip, and I plan to continue purchasing STEEM, whenever I have the means and the price is low. I really believe in this platform and believe voting bots provide a valuable service, hence my investments. While owning a bot, especially a small one, is perhaps not as profitable as 3-6 months ago (market saturation) I still believe in my business model.


As I have mentioned in most of my posts, delegators receive a 100% payout proportional to their delegation. In the spirit of honesty, I will say that I am not the only bot offering 100% returns. I also share some of the bot power downs with my delegators as well. Here is a complete overview of the steem power delegations:

DelegatorSTEEM PowerLast three payouts
@prometheus21316 + 1650 from market leases1.655 SBD + 0.079 STEEM, 1.531 SBD + 0.179 STEEM, 1.391 SBD + 0.032 STEEM
@sshappydayz71 SP0.077 SBD + 0.003 STEEM, 0.071 SBD + 0.007 STEEM, 0.064 SBD + 0.001 STEEM
@m-b-b10 SP0.01 SBD, 0.009 SBD, 0.008 SBD
@abhisteem1310 SP0.01 SBD, 0.009 SBD, 0.008 SBD
@antorchajohnny3 SP0.002 SBD, 0.002 SBD, 0.002 SBD

10k SP target

I am actively working to increase the size of @slimwhale. I have some time constraints at the moment, but I am looking into better ways of marketing and attracting new investors. If you are interested in becoming an investor, you can join the slimwhale community on Discord.


You got a 89.87% upvote from @slimwhale courtesy of @prometheus21!

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