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Morwhale fedeliting program : A bonus of 1% to 100% of your transfer for life.


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@dakotakaiser 10 STEEM  15 %  5 % Gift from owner first subscriber
@sweever 100 STEEM 100 %  
@khammar 60 STEEM 60 %  
@abdelalii 10 STEEM 10 %  
@digi5952 10 STEEM 10 %  

Program post :

To reward its most loyal customers, morwhale sets up an exclusive and accessible fedeliting program.

Program content:

  • A bonus of 1% to 100% of your transfer.
  • The bonus is for life
  • The number of beneficiaries is limited to 100.
  • Each beneficiary can leave his place to someone else or unsubscribe
  • After the reservation you prove increased or demerge your bonus as you want.

How to participate :

  • Registration is done by a minimum of 1 STEEM which gives you 1% for life
  • The maximum and 100 STEEM which gives you 100% for life
  • The shipment is made to morwhale with morwhalebonus as memo
  • The unsubscription is subject to a refund of STEEMs sent according to the performance of morwhale each week.
  • The refund is made totally or partially depending on the amount and the situation.
  • To take my place to someone else, you must contact me at discord: morwhale


If you were registered with 20 STEEM which gives you the right to 20% lifetime bonus, you make the transfer of your link with 0.1 STEEM morwhale will consider it as 0.12 STEEM and the total value of the vote will be 0.24 $ with the 2X which is offered by default by morwhale.


Contenu du programme :

  • Un bonus de 1% a 100 % de votre transfert.
  • Le bonus est à vie
  • Le nombre des bénéficiaires est limité à 100.
  • Chaque bénéficiaire peux seder sa place a quelqu’un d’autre ou se désabonné
  • Apres la réservation vous prouver augmenté ou démener votre bonus comme vous voulez.

Comment participer :

  • L’inscription se fait par un minimum 1 STEEM ce qui vous donne 1% à vie
  • Le maximum et 100 STEEM ce qui vous donne 100% a vie
  • L’envoi se fait à morwhale avec morwhalebonus comme memo
  • Le désabonnement fait l’objet d’un remboursement des STEEM envoyés selon le rendement de morwhale chaque semaine.
  • Le remboursement se fait totalement ou partiellement selon le montant et la situation.
  • Pour seder sa place a quelqu’un d’autre, il faut que vous me contacté a discord : morwhale

Exemple :

Si vous été inscrit avec 20 STEEM ce qui vous donne le droit à 20% de bonus a vie, vous fait le transfert de votre lien avec 0.1 STEEM morwhale le considérera comme 0.12 STEEM et le valeur total du vote sera 0.24 $ avec le 2X qui est offert par défaut par morwhale .


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Couple of questions -

  1. Would you also upvote my comment, if I transfer you steem with the link or is it only limited to New posts?

  2. What is the minimum and maximum amout that I can transfer. Is it fixed at $0.1 steem?

@morwhale i recently sent you 5 posts to upvote. You upvoted 2 and refunded me for 1. Where are my other two votes or the refund for those votes?


I send you one time 0.05 sp
And my up vote was 0.27
For this post:

Again I send 0.033 sp for you for that link and next time my post upvote decrease from 0.27 to 0.24😞
Please solve this problem 🙏

This first cents are important for me ....

طيب ممكن شرح عربي معلش يعني 1 سيتم دولار يرجع كام والسيتم العادي يرجع كام

I will send .01 sbd now see memo

I will send .01 SBD now.please see memo

i am new here about upvote. can you help me please how to i start doing to get upvote


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Hi morwhale.Your posts are so beautiful I like it very much. You'll be my friend. If you are my friend, I will be very successful.


Hello @morwhale
I am send to u 0.100 SBD
But I am not receive any vote from u
Why .....
Plz check my post

i sent 1 sbd , you upvoted me @ 0.73 only i lost 0.27 whats the use?


Hi you can join me at @hdmed#1734 , thankyou @jyoti-thelight

I am going to post my link to upvote you., hope you will upvote me and will let me toparticipate me in your team.

It's great, I've been following you @morwhale