Mercurybot is Down Temporarily

in #bot5 years ago


Sorry for the inconvenience, @mercurybot is down right now. Please do not send funds until it is fixed. I will post as soon as it is back up and running


Good thing to post this!

However you forgot to answer 1 question.

Я тоже заплатила деньги за выигрышную ставку!!!
54 минуты назад Transfer 0.510 STEEM to mercurybot
Мне, пожалуйста, с выигрышем!!!

Я работаю над возмещением и исправлением. Спасибо за ваше терпение.

Working on getting everything fixed ASAP.

Refunded, thanks for your patience.

Thanks and welcome sir.

Can i have refund please

Working on sorting everything right now. I will get everything fixed ASAP. Thanks for you patience.

Refunded, thanks for your patience

I transfered 0.25 SBD 7 hours ago for a post...

Refunded, thanks for your patience.

Thank you. Please, let us know when everything is fixed and running.

It is all back up and running. Thanks again for your patience.

¿Puedo tener un reembolso por favor?

Gracias por su paciencia. Acaba de mandar un reembolso.

Refunded, thanks for your patience.

Refunded, thanks for your patience.

@mercurybot, I have sent you 0.25 SBD . So either refund that amount or upvote my post.

Refunded, thanks for your patience.

Please sir, refund my bid amount 0.25 because not upvoted



I send 1 sbd to receive my vote and I did not get.

This is the first time that happens to me this with you. I hope they resolve the problem :(

@mercurybot Can you give me the vote manually?

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