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friends monnowbot.JPGThe steem is down well like most cryptomoney, we believe that in the future this technology will be recognized at its fair value, but its current value makes it very difficult for us to continue to offer our services.
Our VP is too low despite the few donations made by some members (we thank).
This bot was created to help the community grow by small rewards (x3 vote).
The winnings were used to increase the VP of our bot to vote more and more people, see in the future increase the value of the vote.
Only the current value of steem no longer allowed us to fulfill our mission.
It is with regret that we announce the end of x3 upvote, only retseem will remain active.
When the value of the steem will increase, we will resume our services to offer you upvotes in x3
During this time, the people who have helped us with their donations will always be voted by our services to the maximum of our VP (100% vote) on the maximum of their publications.
This is the minimum we can do to thank you.

We hope to see you soon with a stronger steem.
See you soon and continue to believe in Steemit


@resteemator is a new bot casting votes for its followers. Follow @resteemator and vote this comment to increase your chance to be voted in the future!

Faith, only remains. And how everything started beautifully, but something went wrong, because there is no progress in the community ... Perhaps initially all the crypto world is doomed to failure due to the lack of new ideas ...

I continue to believe in this technology that brings a lot of solution. Even the master cards will adopt this system soon, but for the moment many consider crypto as a financial product following the rise of the BTC and not as a real technology.
The spirits must change to make this phenomenon worldwide.

I do not know what kind of technology you're talking about, I only see a normal tool, like a shovel. Nothing special and nothing effective. People who own business are not fools, they became the richest because they saw the know-how and could realize it in life and business. So far, the crypto market has only talk, and those that attract money not for development and research but for maintaining value. In addition to usefulness, any new technology should be more efficient and more profitable than the old one. It happens that not everything that is new has an economic effect. Until now, manual labor is used in the world, although it can be replaced by machines. But who will eat food from vending machines, everyone wants fresh and cooked.

Blockchain technology is an innovative system.
Some countries, for example, do not have access to a master card to make their purchase on the net, crypto offers secure and encrypted payment solutions.
The global cryptomoney transaction is faster and secure.
Companies like IBM have already signed partnerships with crytpo and some internet merchants like amazon have bought domain names for crypto. We expect a regularization of countries to boost the value of this superb technology. I believe in a future based on the dematerialization of things that will be simplified by crypto.

We will hope, but you yourself write that the agreements have been signed, but this does not oblige you to anything. I'm talking about the fact that they propose to replace one payment system with another, or they say let's change dollars and euros to bitcoin. It was awl on soap. This brings politics and opposition to power. Because the opposition is doing all that to get all the same power. And when she comes to her, everything will return to normal.
And then I doubt that this has an economic effect, is cheaper and more profitable. The price of financial services is determined by banks and does not depend on consumers in any way. These services can cost a penny, but banks were created to take their interest from each transaction. And you suggest that they give their income to you.

I agree with you about the current system, but crypto is about changing things.
Even though governments will want to make a profit from this technology, the possibilities of crypto are so numerous that parallel solutions will exist.
We are looking for a more just world where poorer countries can also benefit from things.
I want to believe that this is possible

The hope for a more just world is a utopia. But man is so arranged that he first dreams, and then they hope. We will and we hope. Although, to be honest, I can not understand why cryptography, except as a gaming business, encounters obstacles and with such difficulty moves into our lives ...

The future will give us answers.
I do not believe in a utopia because man is above all a conqueror and will always want to dominate socially or culturally the others.
But a balance will occur, as we have seen in the past.
Slowly we will arrive at global solutions.
There have been revolutions, wars to achieve a more just world, things have already changed.
Even if the powerful of this world dominates the others, the man has always been able to impose in time its evolutions.
Crypto is another tool that can bring a balance

Hey, I'm selling the domain Any chance that @friends-bot would be interested? Its even cheaper now that, as you mentioned, Steem is down.

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