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in bot •  9 months ago 

Do not send memo's. I'm playing at and receiving a 1000's of transfers, so I won't be able to see your messages.

Report all problems in comment section. Thanks.

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hi @ctime. I sent 0.30SBD and only received a $0.001 vote :) . Please fix. Thanks / url


  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Voting on this comment. Thank you.

Thanks for solve it :)
I checked and found "problema" :)
You begun fo follow some witness, and it's a problem for who wants to also use a bidbot :)
I and many, cannot more use your bidbot, because you begun to vote me, by any witness trail
Thanks anyway :)

We've started to curate manually a few days ago. While we do allow promotion currently, we would appreciate it if you could stop the downvoting on posts that received curation. Thank you.

So wait.
You went from bidbot to downvote bot? XD

I tried buying a vote for this post, but it was automatically upvoted at the same time I sent the payment. I try getting an upvote from you on every post, so as ironic as this might sound, would you please not automatically upvote me so I can buy your vote? :P

Ha ha. I'm following many popular curation trails to upvote valuable content. I don't have own list. Sorry.

I understand, I'll just get it a couple of minutes earlier then. Thank you!

LOL asking someone on steem to NOT upvote you :D haha hey man i recognize you from the discord ! @citimillz told me about you we still have work to do for a game on steem i have talked to @surfyogi about @wafrica and i want to create a game sing map of west africa and trhe gold oil and diamond resources i told u about lol

we will get budget and white papaer togetehr watch

Wow. A writer that has written 474 posts on investing in a 3 year period collects a downvote for bidbots stuff. I thought the focus of this platform was writing quality content. Shame on you.

@ctime I paid you 0.1SBD. Still no upvote...

Please fix this.

@iampolite has supported you.send min. 0.01 Steem max. 0.02 SBD
you just rose a upvote from @curationhelper thanks for post promotion

You got a 100.00% upvote worth $0.038 from @upvotewhale courtesy of @iampolite!

refunded to iampolite, sorry about that

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for your continued support, it's greatly appreciated.

I submitted 0.3 Steem 2 hours ago, did not receive the vote, and was not refunded


refunded, sorry about that

@buildawhale is no longer selling votes and is 100% curation now.

Hi! There is some problem... Pleas, check it... Thank you!
42 minutes ago Transfer 0.300 STEEM to ctime


hello, i didn't receive a upvote or refund I sent 0.213 sbd. please fix it @ctime

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Thanks for be interested @ctime

Hi @ctime , I have sent you 0.300 SBD for:
Please check. Thank you!

Hello @ctime
I sent 0.25 SBD for the below post but didn't receive an upvote.

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Fixed. Thanks

Thanks man.

  ·  last month (edited)

hello, why did you downvote my post? I didn't pay any bid bot. And if someone did it for me I'm grateful because I created that post and dtube to for a Steemfest contest. I don't have a job anymore and I'm working on blogs/vlogs to get by and attend Steemfest. That post amount is not even a lot to be downvoted. :( I have just gotten back to Steem, you can check my intro post and this downvote is discouraging :(

Thank you @ctime, for your support the Steemains, who works for free for the Steem Blockchain!

I mean all Steemians the are organize meetups, for free, and you says all of them thank you for your work with a Download! Shame of you!!

I think now in title due the changes after HF 21 you need to edit info about ctime work🤔

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  ·  8 months ago Reveal Comment


this is really childish
I spent a lot of time creating that post infact that's my company profile.
and you just downvoted that...

Not all users are curating shit posts...
Please create a whitelist for users who are investing some valueable time in creating good posts.

I request to please please unvote this post.

I recommend not upvoting this guy:

You are not going to be getting much curation rewards out of those posts. They are marked by @mack-bot and will be zeroed out before payout.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

@ctime I have sent you 0.100 STEEM for:

but didnt recived any upvotes. Please cheak. Thank you!

fixed, thanks

Congratulations @ctime!
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Good day again @ctime , i've recently sent 0.300 SBD to this link and i only received 0.04% of upvote from the bot. Please check and thank you for your kind consideration.


A the second yesterday...


Sorry for the disturbance @ctime , again, i just recently sent 0.300 SBD to this link . Please check and more power to you.

Voted. Im using dice bot so I guess there is too many transactions from my account

I´m sorry...
9 hours ago Transfer 0.300 STEEM to ctime



Thank you. Is it on again? Can I buy more votes?

yes, bot is running

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 20% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

I congratulate you on the feast of St. Valentine!
And where Champagne, flowers and candy ???

Good day @ctime, it seems like the bot is not voting and again i sent 0.300 SBD to this link . More power to you and thank you for your kind consideration.


I´m sorry...
22 hours ago Transfer 0.300 STEEM to ctime


Hi! Is it right information on the title that Maximum not minimum post age 15 minutes?

Right. 15 min. is maximum, 0 is minimum

Hi, no reaction for this:
2 hours ago Transfer 0.300 STEEM to ctime

Upvoted. Thank You.

I thank You.

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Thank you for upvoting my posts in the past!

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I did not get my upvote for this

fixed, for some reason I can't connect to steemit api, I will watch it, thanks

Hi, is the bot offline? I've sent a bid over 30m ago.

Why I got this memo @ctime

Refund for invalid bid: 0.200 SBD - The author of this post is on the blacklist.

I can see you have passion for gambling. I would like to recommend you a new site called MoonSTEEM (, a provably fair crash game where you can multiply your STEEMs. There is also a possibility to earn special tokens by betting which are then used to redistribute earnings. I would be very pleased if you give this game a chance. ;)

@ctime I have sent you 0.200 SBD for:

but didnt recived any upvotes. Please cheak. Thank you!


Thank you for your votes for me ;)

I'm sorry, a new problem:
24 minutes ago Transfer 0.300 STEEM to ctime

Fixed. I guess I'm following too many trails, too many votes at same time

Thanks for your kind gesture, taking time to upvote each of my post. I quite appreciates your hard work. Thank you once again @ctime

Bid 15 hours ago and not receiving a vote or refund

photo_2019-07-30_01-05-10 (2).jpg


You're doing things manually at the moment, right? Just checking.

Yes, trying to solve the problem

Ok, api problem again. Working after restart, You can hold all refunds

thanks for my upvote for free man i love iT! or are you part of @booster front runner guild still? anyway im just grateful for the upvote thanks!

Hi ... [@ctime] I want to send SBD, and receive upvote from [@ctime] Please let me know. Thank you

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hi @ctime have u changed the ROI as per the HF21??

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Hello @ctime! This is a friendly reminder that you have 3000 Partiko Points unclaimed in your Partiko account!

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Thank you so much:)

Okay, Thanks

wow ok

Good day, I've just sent 0.300 SBD just 20 minutes ago and but not upvoted, Please check.

Voted, thanks.

my post was manually curated by tipu. Would appreciate, if you could not downvote manual curation. Also, I disagree that all bot usage is bad. It just shouldn't be used excessively...

A bidbot that flags other bidbot users

Looks like you are downvoting people who get a tipu vote even though they never ordered it. From what I see they are curating with their SP.

Just wanted to share that one of my recent posts was downvoted because ocd and ocdb voted it up. But in this case I was nominated by another steem user through their daily post promotion feature. So essentially you were punishing me for writing content that someone else thought was good enough to send to ocd to be highlighted. This is different than the bidbot side of ocd. Just wanting to mention this since I can understand why you want to downvote posts promoted through bidbots but in this case you are punishing people who are not using bidbots...

My post:

The ocd thread with featured posts including mine:

The problem is that highlighted posts are upvoted by both ocd and ocdb (the bidbot side of ocd). But these highlighted posts such as mine did not pay for the bidbot upvote.

Anyways, you might want to look into this since you are potentially downvoting a bunch of posts every week that are just being highlighted because someone else thought they were good posts...

You were a bidbot

Since the fork you are now a downvote bot? Why?
The Ethics? Before the "free downvotes", you did not care. Not to be targeted in a flag war against bots?

To maximize ROI because the downvotes pay out? We all should do some downvotes every day but unfortunately you can't be downvoted because you don't post.

You still upvote some accounts, who are them?

Who is your creator? Shame on him!

Hi, do you mind removing your downvote on my last post? Thanks

Shame on you 🤔

Hi, I am very apologize... I don´to know, why ...
45 minutes ago Transfer 0.300 STEEM to ctime


  ·  last month (edited)

You downvoted one of my post recenttly!
The votes are organic, not buying from bots .... the bots voted that on they own .... and the content is with a lot of time and effort put in to it.

Double check what you are doing!

Please review the downvote you gave us it's not right one user's has reviewed his downvote and changed to a upvote we have been promoting steemit all over the world and onboarding users the post you downvoted is being promoted all over so it does not look good when potential new users to see this we are not trying to milk the system we are just trying to promote our project and build some steempower so can you please review

We are no longer operating as a bid bot. We will be curating until the delegations are removed.

I don't use bots, they are doing that to slander me.
Please take me off your list.

Creating one downvote lobby will provoke another lobby and it will make people to downpower and flood market with free floating steem .this will bring steem value down

oky thank you so much
and also thanks for your sprout
and pleas dont forget me