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RE: REBUILDING | It's good to be back!

in #booyakasha6 years ago

I'm doing my happy dance!! It's been great having you back... we are laughing like fools already! And you're very welcome Cal, you know how much I have believed in you and in BuddyUP and still do. No matter where this crazy crypto journey takes us... I will always have your back and be there to say 'Woah Kemosabe! Slow down!!' Hehe

I'm sure I speak for many of our Buddies when I say that we missed you a lot!! Now it's time for a party in the server!! What what!! Haha

Welcome Back Cal! Love you Hinny!! 🖤

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Now who's the rockstar! Thanks so much Mon, it's been a whirlwind but it's good to be back within the community and moving forward.

Still got a little while to go before I'm caught up though, that's for sure haha! This world moves a million miles per hour.

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