REBUILDING | It's good to be back!

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OMG he isn't dead

That's right, I'm back behind the wheel and trying to get the motor spinning back up again. As I've explained in the video above, I'm finding it pretty difficult to get the words out of my head at the moment, which has ultimately steered me towards the screen and voice recording method of content (oh what fun it's going to be!).

The plan is to complete little tasks every day and then revisit them with the recording as a way to review and process. They're all in one take too, so expect bloopers, honesty, and the occasional swear word or three :grin:

First things first

I'm going to be visiting @makowrites and @stevenwood's posts today so I can finally end the dry streak of comments. They've both got some interesting things to share and I'm eager to get over there, so lets cut this here and get moving!

If you'd like to visit the posts with me you can find the links below to them both.

@makowrites - Why I Use Steampeak (And Why You Should Too!)

@stevenwood - Falling In Love With Steem All Over Again...And this time...It's Personal! AKA The Perils And Sad Cost Of Under-Engaging


This wasn't the post I found by Steven in the video... 10 points to anyone who noticed.

Massive thanks

This little spot is just to reiterate what I mentioned in the video towards the end (one take and all that...). I owe a huge thanks to @penderis, @monchhichi23, and @tamala, as well as some others who are always around, for keeping the BuddyUP community rolling while I have been MIA. You all rock and I'm extremely grateful. It's so good to see you all again and it's fantastic seeing new faces within the community.

Right, butters done with. I'll see you all very soon!

PS. Apologies for sound in the video, I'll work on it.

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Dammit, always that sneaky i

I'm doing my happy dance!! It's been great having you back... we are laughing like fools already! And you're very welcome Cal, you know how much I have believed in you and in BuddyUP and still do. No matter where this crazy crypto journey takes us... I will always have your back and be there to say 'Woah Kemosabe! Slow down!!' Hehe

I'm sure I speak for many of our Buddies when I say that we missed you a lot!! Now it's time for a party in the server!! What what!! Haha

Welcome Back Cal! Love you Hinny!! 🖤

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Now who's the rockstar! Thanks so much Mon, it's been a whirlwind but it's good to be back within the community and moving forward.

Still got a little while to go before I'm caught up though, that's for sure haha! This world moves a million miles per hour.

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