Gain Some Booleancoins, use your Writing skills

in #boolean3 years ago


Use your writing skills, and earn upto 300 tokens of Bool. All you have to do is write something about the project and share with your followers. It can be anything about the project, and you will be rewarded with tokens.

Before writing the article keep some basic things in mind,

The article should contain atleast 150 words

Don’t forget to add the tags of boolean booleancoin and

Also mention a link to and

Must add a tag of boolean and booleancoin

Must not plagiarize.

These requirements ensure that they can effectively distribute rewards to users who have written the articles.
So in total 300 tokens can be earned this way. I have written mine, so can you.
Contact @biddle, he’s the developer of the project and is also on Steemit.



Thanks for writing this! Your bounty has been sent to the specified address and the transaction can be tracked at! Consider The New Boolean Hodlers Program too, a promotion running during the second phase of the ICO, which has begun!

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