5 Secrets From The Most Influential Book Ever!

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When I first started my online business with a friend, we shut shop within a year. Why? We were young. Stupid. Clueless. And a total mess.

Yet deadly curious.

Which, fortunately, was a great combination that led us into:


With no guidance, no access to any successful people, and no financial support, we turned out head towards books. It seemed logical as books were cheap.

One such book that led us in the right direction was published almost 80 years ago.

It was written by a man named Dale Carnegie.

He grew up on a farm, experiencing new levels of hardship, with fear as his strongest friend. It wasn't his greatest childhood you can tell.


Yet Dale fought against the odd, with utmost curiosity, almost like ours, to seek the truth. He even challenged his own fears.

And in his adventure, Dale also approached some of the wealthiest people on the planet. He knocked on their doors to meet them. And then he would sit for hours and ask them about their journey.

He continued this process and found a pattern.

This resulted in him writing a book that is now widely popular. Over 30 million copies have been sold and the book has been translated in over 60 languages.

Here's the book:



Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investor of our time, read Dale's book and said:

It changed my life!

Changed life?

That makes anyone curious, isn't it?

And so I dropped everything and picked up this gem. In my first read, I quickly learned this book wasn't just about winning friends but also winning yourself.

It wasn't only about influencing others but to influence ethically so their and your personal and professional life gets better.

And last year, I picked up this book once again, reading and nodding in agreement as I went through each of the principles mentioned inside.

If this has you curious, I would strongly suggest you to buy yourself a copy of this influential book from any bookstore. Or head over to Amazon.com and get it under $10.

Look at these 5 star 5000+ reviews.


I have taken notes and found the advice time-tested and universally accepted among us humans. If you can wish to grab a book like this, now is the time.

And if you do not have time? If you want a quick summary? Wish to hear more? Then I have 5 valuable secrets I have discovered within this book.

When you pay attention to these secrets and use them in your life, you will be approached by miracles and opportunities. With that said, here's the first secret:


Do you know someone who pretends? They say it like they don't mean it?

It doesn't sound right, does it?

Our goal?

Be the exact opposite. You must, simply, stay true to yourself. And anytime we are in a conversation, listen to the person with good intentions. Give them your complete attention. And find their deepest desires. Their values.

Then let them know what you think.

Always, and I mean always, admire people with your honesty.

Perhaps it's your friend who wish to seek your advice. Or someone unsure of their life. Business. Career. Job. Relationship. Anytime a situation like these arises, you offer honesty.

How I Do It

Having struggled all her life, and rising two kids all by herself, my mom taught me a lot about appreciation and honesty. In fact, you will remember me saying I am always grateful. Always been. Always will be.

And everything I say? Every word you are reading now? Every advice I share with you?

I sincerely mean it.

Nothing comes close to honesty and from-the-heart appreciation.


Anyone can preach. Or offer advice. Or give direct orders. Or criticize. To really influence people, it is important for you to share everything.

Including your mistakes.


Because no one is perfect. And flaws are part of life. When the other person can relate to your flaws, and sees you for who you really are, then you have the opportunity to connect.

On a deeper level.

How I Do It

You can collect every pen in this world and use them to write down my mistakes, and you will still run out of these damn pens.

You see, I am a powerhouse of mistaeks. (see the typo?)

Yet, in all seriousness, if I am anything? It's because I have acknowledged my mistakes. Learned from them. And have been aware of them. It's a great position to be in.

Note: I will be writing another post on this. For now, you perhaps saw my flaws in my recent $160k profit post.


If you and I were to meet at a coffee shop and we know each other by our Steemit usernames. What do you think will happen next?

Perhaps we will talk about Steemit, cryptos, and whatnot. For us, at that point of time, that's our common interest.

Now imagine if you wish to influence me, and take the conversation to another level, what would you do? You simply find more topics of my interest and dig deeper.

Talking in term's of the other person's interest is a classic way to engage in an endless conversation.

How I Do It

I am a geek at heart. And I don't engage in conversation easily. Perhaps I do pretty bad at it. See my mistake? But when I do engage? When I find my topic of interest? I am an unstoppable toy machine charged at 110%.

Even an army of Hulks can't stop me. I go batshit crazy. Well, at least I used to be... as now I am more relaxed.

But hey, as long as we both have fun, and enjoy a good conversation without trying to talk down to each other, it's all good, isn't it?


One of the greatest behavioral scientists, Frederic Herzberg, studied human motivation. And he found out people prefer challenge over money.

There's something infectious about a challenge, isn't it? It's exciting and entertaining. And if you ask me, a good challenge can transform our lives.

Remember: You are not here to challenge people. You are here to challenge your own boundaries. You are here to challenge your work and push yourself further.

Question is: Can you test yourself and the boundaries around it?

How I Do It

I have a 30 day challenge. Then 90 day challenge. Challenge to write everyday. Challenge to say YES. And even NO. Challenge to wake up at 5 am. Challenge to lift weights. Meditate. Read books. Unread books. Take a cold shower and so on...

I adore challenges.


Need I say more?

Most are serious.



And worrying about problems.

But when you smile?


And smile more?


And more?


You shake out of seriousness...

And you start living in the moment.

You start living NOW.

All it takes is a damn good smile.

And the other person is already influenced.

So have fun.


And laugh a little more.

Even if there's no reason. 😂

Sid Always Be Smilin' Steemer

So there you have it:

Secrets from one of the most influential book with 30 million copies sold only because of the time-tested and rock-solid lessons it offers you.

From being honest to finding people's interest to accepting challenges and laughing a little more...

You are now set to enjoy life to the fullest. As you go through them again, you will find miracles and luck a part of your life.

And with that, I wish you all the best and thank you for your continued support. I wish and hope you found at least one of these secrets helpful.

Then I hope you will find new ways to implement these secrets in your own life. You will, I sincerely hope, enjoy living in the present and do what your heart says. And do it with utmost certainty.

Feel free to share your thoughts through the comment section below! Thank you!

Your continued support here is what drives me write these articles. It certainly takes a large portion of my time to create graphics and format the article. And a lifetime of experience to write them.

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Everyone deserves good knowledge!



awesome writing. upvoted :D

My dear friend. You're listed on my auto-upvoting list. From now you'll get upvotes from me & four other whales (following me) to your every posts. And in the next couple of weeks I'll be busy with my freelancing career, so, here in steemit I'll be irregular. If you need any help or, query then you may contact me via steemit chat .Thanks :)

Dear friend, thank you for your support. I am happy you thought my articles are worth auto-upvotes. Wish to continue creating quality content.

Good luck with your freelancing career. We will stay in touch and hope you enjoy your time! Thanks! :)

That is a classic book. "Think and Grow Rich" and "As a man Thinketh" are right in there with it.

Always loved the point about sharing my mistakes. Those are the best lessons one can share to teach people how to do better. Most of my real estate posts are how to's after I made a mistake to learn the right way.

Very nice, and expansive writeup. I read this book back when I was young and in highschool. You know, I would likely have a much bigger network then I do now, had I taken its words more seriously.

I think point #1 and #3 that you have made are the most important of the bunch. With #3 being the most most important. Its really important to take a genuine interest in the interests of others.

cool story bro

And you start living in the moment.

This is a good one

Awesome article! I see you put a lot of time and effort, as always. Keep it up :)

this is a great book, good post. i now find esoteric connections the carnegies had interesting in connection to the success of this book

Great post, great book. it is almost unbelievable how many business books are around that miss those points. Thanks for posting.

thanks good article, i will checkup the book too!

I really enjoyed this article and like your writing style. You have a new follower. Keep up the great posts! :-)

I did like reading this book. I find the language in it to be quaint and witty. Btw what do you use for the header, they look amazing. Mind if I use them? :P

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