Why I Wrote a Book About Reparations for Slavery

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Why I Wrote a Book About Reparations for Slavery

Philip Wyeth's two satirical dystopian novels, "Reparations USA" and "Reparations Mind," take place in a near future where American progressives have achieved religious rapture by harnessing the surveillance state's capabilities to collect and distribute restitution for our colonial past.

Full of zany spectacles and a diverse cast of sympathetic characters, this growing world-unto-itself shows what happens when everyday people are caught between idealism and technology.

In this video, the author discusses the ideas behind this series, as well as offers insights into what motivates the Left's attempts to shut down anything and everything which it finds "troubling."

Download the e-book of "Reparations USA" free from these stores:

Buy paperback copies and e-books for both books on Amazon:
"Reparations USA": https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074PN4R2V/
"Reparations Mind": https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CDW1GVD/

Amazon author page:

Read Philip Wyeth's articles at: http://www.philipwyeth.com/
Transcripts of all monologues can be found here: http://www.philipwyeth.com/category/monologues/

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