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RE: 5 most mysterious books in History

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I wasn't denigrating it. It struck me as an extended instruction manual for the soul, in the mode of an instruction manual for an appliance. There is an air of dissociation about it, as though it was not written by a human.

I'm not exactly what you might call a religious man, though I was raised and trained to be a minister till I was 19. I think all religion has an element of unprovability, which while not strictly fiction, is not demonstrable fact that can be integrated seamlessly into our personal experiences without some interpretation. The fact that it does contain obvious wisdom should make it more deserving of scrutiny to be sure that it is in line with a solid, functional understanding of morality.


How many years have you read the urantia and tracked the acheological and science discoveries to verify the information contained therin

I don't have an intense interest in it, but I've been watching it off and on for 15+ years, mainly in the context of archeology. I find that verifying the distant past, and tomes of questionable origin is not what I would call certain. It is, however, useful in context to the extent that it can be verified.

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