The NEW Steemit Book Club Update: It’s Happening :-D But We Need a New Name - any ideas?

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IMPORTANT: If you want to participate in the New Steemit Book Club - please leave a comment in this thread! My goal is to get at least 10, preferably closer to 20, people involved for the first month.

Excellent news, y’all! This book club is happening.

Here are all of the users who expressed interest so far:


That’s eight people! We are off to a great start.

Problem: We Can’t Use the Name “Steemit Book Club”

It came to my attention that there is another Steemit Book Club run by @the-alien. They are reading one giant book over the course of about a year, it looks like.

I have no beef with that, in fact they’re reading my favorite book (Infinite Jest) - however this is a way different style than what we’re going do. Our book club is going to read much smaller books, perhaps with the goal of reading a variety of books from a variety of perspectives (gender, race, age, location, you name it) to enrich our minds.

Out of respect for the other club and general clarity, we’ll need a new name.

A few ideas I thought of:

The New Steemit Book Club
The “One-Book-A-Month” Club
Steemit Easy Reader Book Club

a few better ideas from @dehenne in the comments:

The Steemit Reading Circle
Steemit Bookworms
Steemit Booklovers

I dunno, just spitballing. Do any of these seem good? I’ll keep brainstorming in the comments, and will make the executive decision in the next day or two.

The goal I think is for this club to focus on books that aren’t super intimidating. I want it to be inclusive for lots of people, rather than being focused on really hard literature. So a name that expresses that idea would be great.

Help! Give me your ideas in the comments.

And if you have not commented on the other post - let me know you are interested in the comments here! I’m trying to get up to 20 users in our “interested” list before our first book starts on August 1st.

More updates soon!


You can also add @taimur and @cainplant :)

Perfect thank you.

Because of the Name, does it have to do with the word "book"?
What about "read" "reading" or something else?


  • the steemit reading circle

If you want something with "Book"
What about:

  • steemit bookworms
  • booklovers

I think there are still some possibilities :-) I am not a native english speaker, so its more difficult for me ^^

Actually you're doing great with these names, I like them all more than mine haha!

"The Steemit Reading Circle" and "Steemit Bookworms" are two awesome names... I'm adding them both to the original post.

Maybe tomorrow I will do a Twitter poll with four of the best choices and then let people vote that way.

:-) I'm glad you found a name. Or basically, you have a few ideas now.

I don't have any idea but I will be happy to be part of it! Nice selfie btw :D

Awesome @jwolf glad to have you on board. This club is gonna be full of great people! I'll keep you in the loop.

Nice initiative. I'm probably not gonna join since I have too many books on my basket to finish however I support this movement as a legitimate bookworm. Re-esteemed.

Thanks so much for the resteem, that really helps. Good luck with crushing your current book basket backlog.

Your welcome and looking forward to see which books you guys pick.

I'm trying to think of some wordplay between the words novel and novelty but that's all I've got right now. If I figure out a few name ideas I'll leave them here.

Ya its harder than it seems at first to find a good name... thanks, lemme know if you think of any.

Maybe something to do with 'Happy Endings'? Or 'On Reading:' might be good because it changes every month with the title of the book, something like "Steemit On Reading: The Soft Machine", or "On Reading: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch", you get the idea.

Interesting ideas, I will add them to the list.

I'm in! Lol I suggest "Steemit Books on Books Club" since it'll be a lot of different books!

Books on Books on Books! Good one, I'll add it to the ideas list.

Great to have you on board @bananaskin stay tuned for more updates in another day or two.

Great idea, I wish I could join but I'm already so swamped and trying to keep up with everyone sports on top of that! And I'm reading a few books already.

Count me in too please :)

Awesome, welcome to the club @fonzie.

Keep an eye out for the next post in a day or two.

Hi! May I join? :)

Yes of course! Welcome to the club.

Thank you for your post @heymattsokol. By the way I am also a writer and am willing to join your book club. I would really appreciate if you add me @vinaypsychic. I am writing some short stories for Steemit and am looking for a club like yours. By the way I can suggest you a club name like '"Steemit Bookomaniacs."

Awesome @vinaypsychic welcome to the club. Glad to have you on board, and I will take the name idea into consideration as well. There will be more info coming in a day or two.

I really appreciate your response. Please keep me informing about the updates of your book club. Thank you!

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