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I am writing this post to hopefully get a little conversation going. I've written before about hoping to find some like minded literary fans here on Steemit and it has definitely not gone exactly as I had hoped. I suppose the only way to make it happen is to keep trying though so I wanted to talk a little about what I am reading now and get some recommendations for future books. 

Books I just finished-

The Lions of Al-Rassan is the 6th novel buy Guy Gavriel Kay and it came out in 1995. If you haven't read anything buy him before, he writes historical fantasy that is generally pretty light on the fantasy elements. This particular book draws from the history of the Iberian peninsula and the interaction between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Like I mentioned, it is pretty light on the fantasy elements almost bordering on historical fiction but it is still a really good read.

If you want to check out a book from Kay I would recommend starting with Tigana. It has a bit more fantasy and although it is one of his earlier works it still holds up as my favorite.

Books I am about to read-


We are less than a week from both of these books being released, both set for a November 14th US release date. 


Lets start with Oathbringer, I've written about this series in the past if you want take a gander at an old post but I can summarize it here again.  For those unfamiliar with this book series, Oathbringer is the 3rd installment in the Stormlight Archives series by Brandon Sanderson. Sanderson is one of the best and most prolific fantasy writers out there today. He came to prominence when he was chosen to finish Robert Jordans epic Wheel of Time series and has put out a gaggle of great books of his own. Be it Elantris, Mistborn, Warbreaker or any of his cosmere stories, you really can't go wrong.

The Stormlight Archive is his first attempt at an epic series, a planned 10 books with Oathbringer picking up after the last release, Words of Radiance. I have been waiting for this story for about 2 years now and am beyond excited to see where this new book takes the story.

Deadhouse Landing-

So this book is a little bit different, its the 2nd book in a prequel series to the epic Malazan Book of the Fallen series. The Malazan world was created by 2 authors, Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esslemont. Erikson wrote the original 10 book series and then Esslemont added 6 books of his own set in the same world and using the same characters to fill in more background information. Deadhouse Landing is the 2nd book in the Path to Ascendancy series by Esslemont that serves as a prequel to both the original 10 book series and the 6 additional novels. It gives you a close up view of the background of a few of the main characters and details how the Malazan Empire was created in the first place. 

You cant really jump right into this book and would probably have to read the other 16 books in the Malazan world plus the first Path to Ascendancy book before reading this one, a monumental dedication of time.


Books I will read next-

After I finish the 2 books listed above my reading schedule will be pretty open. I am really trying my best to not read any series that aren't finished yet so that does limit some of my options. I have the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman sitting on my bookshelf that might be next, but I am open to any suggestions here. I would love to know what other fantasy book lovers out there recommend next. I wont list everything I have read already because I'd still like to know what books you enjoy the most even if I already crossed them off my to be read list. 

So here is to hoping I can find some people to get a healthy discussion going about books that I enjoy/should read in the future. Hope to hear from you, I'll be more than happy to upvote any comments with good suggestions in them. 

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Have you checked out The Name of the Wind? I highly recommend it if you haven't.


I have, it is one of my favorite series though I am starting to doubt he will ever come out with book # 3 :(

The last book of this type that I read was by Terry Goodkind. I've not really read any others, especially not lately.

I bought a few Stephen King novels recently and I've not had chance to read them yet either.

It's great to see people making an effort to engage others here on Steemit. Good going!


I've considered the sword of truth series but its long and I've heard mixed reviews on it from people I trust.

The dark tower series is on my to read list eventually as well


The Sword Of Truth started off brilliantly! I really do have to say. Once it started going downhill, there was no stopping it, I'm afraid. I haven't read another book from him since. (I can't tell you which book it went bad at for me, I believe I stuck at it longer than some did.)

Dark Tower series is superb and I read 'Wind Through The Keyhole' too, a stand-alone story from that series.