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RE: “Read a Damn Book – 004: The Gashlycrumb Tinies”

in #books3 years ago

You made want to find this book @richardfyates.. just to proof that your review is correct 😂😂😂 but I still nerd sometimes to check whether we have it in Bahasa Indonesia version😊 but If not, I think I need to find a friend who is somewhere in foreign country where he can find this book ...

Thanks for make reading book is keep exciting😉 I found your post through @stortebeker entry post in the pay it forward contest.


Glad you liked the review! If you can't find this book on its own, it is also available in a collection called Amphigorey, along with 14 other wonderful Edward Gorey stories. Very enjoyable!

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😊 I am also POOR 😂😂 will try to find one by one later, If I like it..then I'll find a way to collect all of it. Thanks

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