#Three life changing books - The Power of Now,waking the tiger,How Come That Idiot's Rich and I'm Not.

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There are not many things that have changed my life, certainly I did not think these books would change my life, you see? I'm a child from the 90s who sat in front of a computer from the moment he was born, but these three books made me a much happier and more complete person.
I will talk about three parts that helped me feel more complete with myself, each book plays another part in this role. The three stages are - the way, the tools to achieve the goal and the goal itself.

*the road:

The first book I'll talk about is called

"waking the tiger" The book by Dr. Peter Levine:
Many people are familiar with Freudian psychology, the same psychoanalysis that people do in therapy when we see a movie that someone is lying in an armchair and the therapist asks him a lot of questions and puts him in a trauma vortex to help him out.
Dr. Peter Levine was studying the trauma from another direction. He asked himself, "How is it that animals in nature that are exposed to so many dangers are not traumatized and people who are in a relatively comfortable life get into trauma so frequently?"
Dr. Peter Levine goes deeper into the matter and concludes that therapy must pass through the mind and the body together.
The method of Dr. Peter Levine is called SE - a somatic experience that differs from old methods of treatment that also uses the body to heal the trauma. The book made me understand very well that we are composed of body and soul, and the body is no less important (sometimes more).

*The way to achieve the goal:
We all know that money is an inseparable part of our lives, but the question of how it should be treated has always taught us in films that rich people are slippery and cunning.
There are many people who do not know at all that what prevents them from succeeding in their career is the fear of a lot of money(With all the consequences)..
Robert Shemin explains:
"If you're a kid who hears things like I've heard, then what do you think about money, which is hard to get, scary, impossible to get, look at the movies, where the rich people are bad, greedy, criminals, bad money, corrupting. It's true, no, in fact, the rich give more to charity, except for the exception, rich people are nice and open. "
Robert Shemin's book does not just teach how to make money - the most important thing I learned in his book (not that I'm rich) is how to treat money!
How to treat money is the biggest thing I got from this wonderful book.
The book goes into our subconscious and changes the way we think about money!!

The Power of Now
Sounds like a book that counts a cliché! But not on this case, in his book Eckhart Tolle, which is a world bestseller there are tips for life that are so good that it is difficult to describe, in his book he explains how the source of all happiness drains to our existence in an extraordinary way.

At the beginning of the book, Eckhart Tolle says he had a difficult time in life and he asked his self, "Why do not I get along with myself?" Then he realized there were two Eckhart.
Later in the book he explains that there is our existence and there is the ego, how to break away from the ego and where every moment of happiness that we experience begins, after all, the goal of all of us is to be happy.
Once you read the book you will understand that you have entered a new world. I love books like that!
Not only does Eckhart Tolle have over a million followers on Facebook!!!, he is a person who has changed something in contemporary philosophy, which is very difficult to do in our days

Do you have any interesting books that changed your life? I will be happy to hear!


Wow all 3 books sounds great, I have sadly not read any of them. But yes I have read similar books on these topics. My favorite authors are quite a few but the best are Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Brian Weiss, Sadhguru Louise Hay, has a similar book "The Power is within You". I am very fond of reading books on Past Life, After Life. These topics intrigues me a lot. If you would enjoy reading such books you should read Michael Newton's Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, some part of it you will not be able to digest, so just read it as a story book :-)
In your list I find "Waking the Tiger" something of my great interest so I am surely going to get it for my read.
Btw the book that changed my life is "Many Lives, Many Masters"and "Miracles Happen", both are on past life.
Thank You for sharing :-)

"Waking the Tiger" is a great great book..
if you will do research on the SE therapy I believe you will get an excellent tool to get a peaceful life

nice post like to read nice writting bro n also nice photografhy of 🐅.

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The power of now is a great book. I used to read a lot of of books. A book wich I would highly recommand is Destined to reign, by Joseph Prince.

Great post! I am also a 90s child and I can honestly say that books have changed my life to the better! Some of them can really help to understand yourself and your role into this world way better. At the moment I am reading the book "The alchemist" by Paulo Coelho and despite I haven't finished it yet I can say: It is such a wise and changing book, I can truely recommend it :)
Really a wonderful and philosophical journey :)
Best wishes! :)

best book American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Merry Christmas @amiramnoam
you are among the most powerful of this family

Neil is a total darling and adorable in person. #namedrop

cool! great!!

If you're into Gaiman, I can totally get you the books in Hebrew. Also, Terry Pratchett.

i love Terry Pratchett ;)

I don't have any book that changed my life, but I finish reading a book every week. I just finished reading "How Google Works" which is about Google and its history and how they invented stuff, the wisdom behind every move, How they do job interviews and much more.

They are genius! well, ofc, They are the biggest company out there, but I get why. I recommend you to read this book.

Oh, and I read a book I don't even remember the name of it. It was Psychologist book and it talked about how to manage anxiety and stress and how to stop being anxious. It didn't help me at all because it was too hard but it made me go to a Psychologist. and the Psychologist did change my life for the better.

Do you have any business related book to share with me? Besides the " The way to achieve the goal "

thank you

תודה אחי יש בעברית?

כן http://matarbooks.co.il/index.php?book=1954
קח מהספריה אבל אני בטוח שיש

ספריה? זה כזה שיוצאים בשבילו מהבית? אני עברתי מזמן לספרים אלקטרוניים

Great book, it's one of my favorite book, it explained to me how time is an illusion but not in the context that i always knew. To answer your question, The book THE SLIGHT EDGE by Jeff Olson changed my life. I was able to beat some bad habits and make new productive routines. And thanks for the post it was enlightening.

תודה על ההמלצות. אתה ממש משקיע, אני פחות בקטע של ספרים מהסוגה הזו אבל הספר של לוין נשמע דווקא מענין- אם בכלל אמצא זמן לקרוא אותו 🙂

חחח אני גם ממש לא בקטע של לקרוא
אבל יש ספרים שהרגישו לי מאסט
כמובן אחרי המלצות , כשיש בשבת זמן לקרוא

Hmm... Recently? Esther Pearl and her books about relationships. Lady knows her stuff!

יש בעברית?

אסתר פרל בעברית:

וקבל רגע של ספאם:
חסרה לי התגובה שלך פה בפוסט

חח תסתכלי עכשו אני פשוט טיפה עסוק
ידעתי טוב טוב למי לתת לנהל את הפרויקט הזה
(לא שאני מחליט משהו כן? בסוף האישה מחליטה)
מה שתצטרכי דברי איתי!

תמיד אנחנו הנשים מחליטות! אתה אמור לדעת כבר

ואני יודעת שאתה עסוק, זה מה שאמרתי לחברים שמתגעגעים אליך בפייסבוק. אבל כשמתפנה, דבר איתי איפשהו שנתחיל להזיז שיט


באט פלאגד.

אני אדבר איתך בסופש

מצוין. אני מתכננת להקים אז את הדיסקורד לחאבורה שלנו בשישי

אין לי זמן לכתוב פוסטים באמא שלי

Great writing, I really enjoy with the read

Very Informative and good review, Thanks for Sharing

To answer your question, yes I have a few books that have enormous impact on my life , and changed my life is so many different ways , some I am ware and some I may not be aware of - such is the power of books; they change you on conscious, sub-conconscious and un-conscious levels.
Anyways the books that have enormous impact on my life are :

  1. The Quraan (The final word of God Almighty - There can't be a book more impactful, miraculous, amazing and eye-opening than the book authored by our creator - the one and only God Almighty. My words can't be enough to describe this book. You have to read it to know how miraculous it is :) )

  2. Bal e Jibreel (it is a collection of Poetry of IQBAL - Iqbal's poetry is revolutionary, almost as revolutionary as cryptocurrency :) )

  3. 7 Habits of highly effective People (By Steven R. Covey - a great book for development of personality and character ethics - hence a great self-development book)

  4. Alchemist (by Paulo Cholo , inspired me to follow my dreams and have my own unique path :) )

  5. The Secret (Rhonda B. reminded me of the law of attraction and the power of focus )

All of the above books have influenced my life, and I am glad and thankful that I read them :)

I have not read any of these three books. Thank you very much for recommending these great books. Now I know what to look for on my next visit to library :)

These books sound great. Thanks a lot for recommending these wonderful books.

these books seem very interesting and I will try to read the three of them.
thanks for the interesting content.

thanks for the books.. they seem very interesting to read,,
I will read the three of them as soon as I can

nice post .. i love reading ..my fav book is barmuda tryeangel.

Nice" sharing & thanx you so much dear @amiramnoam for sharing.

wow excellent & thanx you so much dear @amiramnoam for sharing.

books is the best friend.thanks for give us three wonderful books name @amiramnoam

wow..that's some great books........///////// .........../// thank's for sharing........///////// …

a great man once said''that book is my best friend,because no matter how many time i read it he doesn't ignore me'' it's a wonderful post.

thank [email protected]

Yes thank you for this! The Power of Now is one of my favorite books.

One of the best things I learned from it was that my thoughts can just float by me without me grabbing onto them and being pulled like I'm holding an excited dog on a leash. I can just "sit on the park bench" in my mind, and allow them to pass me by, while I continue observing from my "bench".

This has drastically reduced my mental noise over the years and has helped me with meditation. This book goes so deeeep, (much deeper than I went here lol) and truly recommend it...it should be required reading in schools!

nice post keep it up bro &nice tiger :) @Resteem

I am also happy to this platform. Nice writing, good job, thanks for sharing
Best of luck @amiramnoam

good writing skill @amiramnoam.
Thanks for sharing,

ur writing is very impressive....

Good post bro ^^

Power of now is a great book, but can be at times become to much of a good idea. To implement all the things he says, is almost impossible. I would recommend a book called: Become What You Are by Alan Watts. Amazing book.

it's one of my favorite book !!

thease are so qualityful books ...i think everybody should read....
so that he can understand what should he do...


God, I wish I had some money. Just need a kickstart of cash to get me going.

its a great post..
keep it up..

thank you @amiramnoam

Thanks for sharing three nice books name which may change people

really great post excellent man .

Lions and Tigers and bears oh my!

Your post is very nice. No doubt that reading interesting books increases one's knowledge. I follow and upvote you. Do same for me.

i will study these books hopping that these will change my life.

Good post...

For the life change a moment is enough

wow, great share, i must read 3 books

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its a great post..thank you @amiramnoam

Wow I will have to check for free online books on that if there is I super love reading and I also love books like this. It's funny that my second article here is about books. Thanks for this post @amjramnoam

Mine I read the chicken soup for the soul by Jack canfield it taught me to be kind always @amiramnoam

I read your books I appreciate it keep it up your good work @amiramnoam

I have read The Power of Now, awesome book. I will have to see if "Walking the Tiger is available on Kindle. Thanks for posting and for the great reviews.

You should read "The Alchemist" weather its in Hebrew or English. I actually made a little review about this book.

I wish to read these books...

harimau sumatra punya itu kawan

My favorite is "Why did we all vote the f&cking Oligarchs into office ???"

... or that might be a rhetorical title, not sure

nice blog i resteem!

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