The Dtube Book Review - The Excellence Dividend by Tom Peters

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It's been a while...

Being on the road most of August and taking part in the Steem Creators conference over the past few weeks, I've been limited in my reading time...

No excuses Jon!!!!!

I picked up Tom Peters' latest book 'The Excellence Dividend' when I was on the west coast of Canada in mid-August and it's taken me this long to actually finish the book.

Which is weird for me, because I'm used to banging through a book in a week or less.

Regardless, I finally finished Tom's latest book and WOW...

This book is jam packed with amazing tips, suggestions and techniques on how to separate yourself from the competition. From the importance of intense training to constantly 'reading' by being nose deep into a book...The Excellence Dividend covered so much.


I loved that is also focused on the importance of people and the need for leaders in 2018 to focus their energy on their relationships. This is a message I can most definitely get behind here on STEEM and Dtube!

All in all, this was a fantastic business book and one I highly recommend.

And while it comes in at over 450 pages, it's a fun and easy read. Nothing over the top and nothing too complicated.

Forgive my laziness though...This book review is about 2 weeks late :( Regardless of how many pages it had. I should have finished it sooner.

One of the better business books of 2018 for me. I know you will enjoy it!

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appreciate that. i’ll take a look but keep in mind, i’m not what one would call eco friendly. mostly because i haven’t learned everything i could. that’s my bad. appreciate your initiative:)

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About time you got back to doing your book reviews!! I always enjoy reading your reviews of good books

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thanks man. yup been way too long.

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Hey always a good idea to keep a book handy... you never know what brilliance you will pick up! :)


lol yessir. always looking to get some more smarts.

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It can help for sure... you never know what you need at any given time!

book reviews might be a nice little niche for ya, what you think? :) upvoted


lol been doing them for months. just took about 3 weeks off.

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Your book reviews are great. I sometimes search for German translations but didn't find. If you know translations, pls. send me a pm.


will do for sure. that i’m sure is a huge problem for many of these authors. getting their books translated.

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