Introducing Bookchain team

in #bookchain4 years ago

As well-known community members @testz and @xtar we have been working together for a quite long time and in order to joint our forces we decide to establish Bookchain team.

Our main goal to facilitate the growth and adoption of blockchain technology, primary based (but not limited) on Graphene technology.

Current projects

Golos explorer with different statistics and tools
Online/offline GUI for Steem/Golos escrow transactions
Decentralized Bulletin Board
PeerPlays witness monitor

Current localization projects

Full list of our localization projects can be found here:

We will keep updating community about our projects at this official Bookchain blog, so if you wish to get latest news please follow us.

With best regards,
Bookchain team


Good have a very ambitious agenda.

With interest support, good luck in your endeavors and success. Nice to see familiar "faces" :-)