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IMG-20180825-WA0003.jpgS marishad rishyasaparthantam Of the dead body of the corpse
Of the corpses of the dead Of the corpulent mysteries Iti Rishisarampam ..
Those who teach Brahmas as great scholars, and who are equally well-versed to their women, Vidyadan Dev, their sons and disciple, and their servants, like them, have a ritual, to serve them.
S Somasad: Patarastripyantam Fire safety: Paterpillarpatham Barishad:
Paternalgia Somapa: Patrishaprintam Havirbhuj: Patarastipyantam Today
Paternalgia Yamadibhyo Namah Yamanastrapapami. Father Swadha Namaste Patar
Please Father-in-law, Swadha Namah, father-in-law Just take your breath
Please Father-in-law Swadha Namah Swapatnyaai Swadhya Namah Swapantin
Please Relation: Swadhya Namah Sagittrabhya: Swadhya Namah
Sagatorastarampi .. Iti pittar darampam ..
'This Sondo Jagadishvare Mantra Vidyavidya Chad Siddanti Se Somasam:' Joe
He is master in spiritual and material science. 'Yragnardyudhita Vidya Gahitita Te Fire Advisory: Those who know about the fire, 'These ablative behaviors, Sidhanti te Barshisad', which are located in the well-being of behavior, are barishad. 'Som Somashwarya Dhirisarasan Panti Pabanti Va Sompa:' Those who are immunized by giving the protector of medicinal and medicinal juice to the patient without any disease and other protector's medicines, Sompa 'Havirahatumathu bhujjate bhojayanti va havirbhuj:' Those who have been eating food except drugs and sweet foods, Havirguju If you are aware that the person who is able to eat and drink the milk of the knowledgeable person and the dumpled milk and drinkers, 'Shobhan: Kala Vyayte Yeshante
Suklin: 'Those who have a good time to do good religion, they are Sukalin. 'These evils are in the form of justice and justice; Father: 'Father of the father' who is the protector or father of children from food and hospitality, father. 'PATU: Father fathermahah, father-mother-fatherPapitaMahah:' Father who is father's father is father and father of grandmother, he is the father. Mother or mother, who admits children from food and hospices, mother 'Father of the father-in-law, father-in-law, mother-father-in-law', who is the father's mother, he is the mother of father and mother; By giving good food, clothing, beautiful yan, with great reverence to all of them related to their women and sisters, and from a related tribe and other gentlemen or old age, that is to satisfy the good things which means their soul is satisfied and the body is healthy That- to serve him lovingly with that karma, he says Shraddha and Tarpan.
Fourth Vashwadev- that is, when the food is proven, the food which is made for the sake of food, leave the sour salts and the alkali away from the sweet food and take a fire from the stove and sacrifice it with the following mantras.

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