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Oh, it's been some time since I've written any original content. Being hugely pregnant the last three months of my pregnancy, then going into labour—then there's what happened after all that:)

I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid with my newborn in tow for @annester, who is now married to @cryptoctopus. Then I had to handle last minute prep for a youth conference my church was hosting. Lastly, we went camping for two nights in Mont-Tremblant, two hours north of Montreal. This all happened within the space of the first three weeks of "recovery."

I'm blessed that I recovered quickly enough to take part in all those wonderful activities. However, I have to admit that during this entire period I was completely creatively dry. I hope that by doing what I keep telling myself I need to do I will churn out good enough content.

All the time I wasn't writing was plenty of time to do a lot of thinking. I remembered I had promised a friend of mine to review one of her books, which I hadn't done yet. Yesterday I took the time to finish it off and keep my promise. This is my review.

The Keys to the Kingdom, written by Edna J. White, is one the most different books I have ever read. The nonfiction work's strongest point is how easy it was to hop from one point to the next. Her aim was to tie in how the fruits of the Spirit affect our physical bodies and how the physical world transcends into the spiritual.

I found the first part of the book wasn't quite pertinent to my life as I was hoping it to be. Some tie-ins of the fruits of the Spirit to the health of physical organs in our bodies was a "little out there." Some other tie-ins made more sense. It would have been even stronger if there was some scientific data to back it up.

The second part of the book aimed for transcendence. This I quite agreed with. The basic premise was that if you set your mind to being positive or thinking how you can help others, you will accomplish the task.

The grammar needed a little help from time to time.

I wish Edna all the success in the world with her writing and life coaching!


wooow amazing
thank you

welcome back @leahlindeman ! Nice to see that your creative juice is flowing again :-)

congratz on your marriage my friend

Yeah, it feels great!

is it baby boy or girl ?? :)

Baby boy! It was a surprise. So happy because my kids were very insistent that he was a boy. In their minds, there was no way the baby was going to be a girl. Lol.

Great to see you back at it! I just had a baby 3 weeks ago via csection and it has been challenging to get back into it. That is amazing you got out camping so quickly! I don't think I will get any in before this summer ends
:( Upvoted/following :) and as far as transcendence, whatever you focus on, you intensify....focus on the positive and it multiplies, in my experience...and dwelling on the negative attracts more of the like!

So true what you said about focus! Congratulations on your own little one. I hope your recovery goes well.

Thanks, my recovery went great and my little one is getting bigger! I am finally getting back to steem again, this time for real as he can nap and sleep on his own now. yay lol