Bonsai for beginners - The fastest way to thicken trunks

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Another passion of mine is Bonsai. Although I have to admit that in the Bonsai world I am just a beginner bonsai, it is really addictive. So in the process of learning about bonsai I thought I would share some to the tips and interesting tit bits that I find with regards to bonsai.

The focus of attention for a bonsai is the trunk so it is one of the factors that all aspiring bonsai addicts work towards: trees with fat trunks.

Some pointers and ideas to do this are:

  1. You need to remember that the leaves are the food factory of the tree.
  2. Leaves manufacture and store food in the trunk making it grow.

An example would be if you took the same tree it would take
1 to 2 years to fatten in the ground.
3 years if you planted in a large pot and
10 years or more if you planted it in a bonsai pot.

In fact it may never fatten enough if planted too soon in a bonsai pot.

So plant your trees in the ground or use large training pots, fertilize every two weeks or repot it regularly if in a small training pot so the tree grows faster.

A tip: if you are planting your tree in the ground is to plant it in a colander.

As the tree will be contained but the roots will be able to grow through the holes.

Another unique idea found on the internet planting trees in tires.

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Excellent job!


Thanks sometimes something really basic can assist even the most mature bonsai addict

Amazing plants, thanks for sharing your art. Are those all yours? I've never made one, but sure do appreciate the art that goes into them. Very beautiful.


@ddschteinn these bonsai above are not mine although I do have and grow bonsai


That was quite a few, so I wondered if they were all yours. That is a LOT of work sitting in that picture. Bonsai is such a great, peaceful art. I was at a garden walk last summer, and they had a Bonsai from I don't remember HOW far back, but it was OLD. Amazing. Like an immobile tortoise in a pot, older than the owner and going strong.

Well done. Very good reading piece.