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Hi everyone,

Weather in Bucharest continues to deteriorate. Yes, winter is coming! It's 8 AM and the temperature outside is just 7°C (45°F).

As I wrote yesterday, in the weekend I freshly installed my two computers with Ubuntu 16.04, and I plan to use them (with two powerful Radeon HD7990) to warm up my place, and generate some GRCs. Unfortunate, despite the big effort I put, it looks to be impossible to bring the graphic cards working in BOINC (the fglrx driver seems to be banned by Ubuntu 16.04, and I don't manage to find an working alternative).

Being stuck at the moment only with the CPUs, I temporary added an old GeForce GT630, and this morning, the temperature in my apartment was 18.8°C (66°F)

The second disappointment was to learn that I need a stake between 2k and 10k GRCs to start generating blocks, for my contribution to research projects to be recognized. That would be 0.015 BTC, which I do not have, and did not planned to buy. Thanks to @sc-steemit, I leaned that I can join a mining pool, which I already did.

I will keep crunching data in the pool for few weeks, but I need to find a solution for the HD7990 to survive the cold winter in Bucharest.

Anyone experienced with old AMD graphic cards and BOINC in Ubuntu 16.04? I could use some advice...


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Why don't you try with Windows and GPU passthrough? Or just Windows. Shouldn't matter if you are using it for heating.

Also 7xxx hd Radeon are very good at fp64 so they have awesome performance in milky way


Thanks for your comment, but windows... sorry, no way! :)


O i almost forgot, have you tried plugging vga dummies (you can just use both ends of an vga cable). Some cards refuse to boot whitout that.

Hey!!! I'm using the same as a heating system!!! :-)
Keep BOINCing!!!

Would love to read some updates on how much heat your system produces.


Two 7990s + CPU + some overclocking + BOINC should be able to dump 1000 watts of heat :)

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I do not want to sound greedy – but I am frustrated: It is the second time I send some starter coins to someone who asked for, and they end up either traded or not used at all.
In the future I will only donate to a BOINC project or a supporting site like gridcoinstats or boincstats, as they are indispensable for GRIDCOIN to work.


I'm soryy, @limacoin... I don't fully get you message. Is it about me?

Why you don't use the open-source drivers for Radeon cards? I could run Einstein OpenCL tasks just fine. Search the package manager for radeon and mesa opencl.


Probably better off trying the "additional drivers" program first as he is running Ubuntu. I've messed around with packages for my drivers before and I've done nothing but break things more.

hi @steemmillionaire, I could not get the AMD driver working for Ubuntu 16.04. I think you need to downgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 or change Linux distribution. We also use gridcoin as complementary heating system, see the picture in the middle of the article: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@dangermouse77/deep-space-computing-a-garage-mining-company