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Hi everyone,

First of all, I want to thank you for being such an amazing community!

I wrote about my plan to use computing power to warm-up my place for the winter, asked for support, and got amazing help from all of you.

I had the idea of solo crunching on the Gridcoin blockchain and asked on the community for someone to either donate or borrow me some coins, because I knew that an initial stake is needed. But I had no idea that the minimum amount is that high (2k - 10k GRCs needed), but lucky to find that a pool is available. I joined the, and my two computers are already crunching on World Community Grid, TN-Grid Platform, and Seti@Home (with an old GeForce GT630) projects.

Yes, I checked my wallet today, and found two donations: 7.5 GRCs and 150 GRCs. Thank you!

This week is very busy for me, and I will have little time to bring-up the two Radeon HD7990 with Ubuntu 16.04. But I got encouraging messages, and look for additional info on the internet, and it seems that there might be a solution. With a minimum of 6°C (43°F) outside and 18.9°C (66°F) in my apartment, I still can postpone it for the upcoming weekend.

P.S. I used this picture for my post, because of the note that this article might be outdated, which bring me good hope!

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Keep posting, poolmate :)

You are lucky to use Ubuntu 16.04. Latest AMD GPUPRO proprietary drivers support only kernel 4.4. But to use Ryzen processor, you must upgrade to newer kernel, which does not work with amd drivers.

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Yes, AMD drivers are really weird. In my case I have a headless computer with a Radeon 280X and I have used a patched fglrx package to get OpenCL working. This is the thread about it:

P.D: If you are using the graphics card with a desktop environment, don't install anything from this link. This is only for headless systems.


Thanks, @aglezabad! But, yes, I'm using it with a desktop environment. I know, sub-optimal, but easier for my level on command line...


Well, you can get BOINC working with GUI manager remotely. I have boinc-client on headless system and I control it from another computer using BOINC Manager. You only need to add the ip address where you have the manager to remote_hosts file and a password in gui_rpc_auth file.

But also, as @tomasbrod said, you will get OpenCL working with AMD GPUPRO and you won't need to change the system.

Have fun.

Happy to hear! scientia humana libertas!

Wow, 150 grc donation? I had to run my laptops 2 months for that. You lucky man. Wish I had that kind of motivation starter. Anyway 400ish grc can let you stake once a month. Which is more than enough imo.


Yes, wonderful. And I do not even know who to thanks for it... I'm currently mining on the, but once I make 500, the plan is to move to the standalone mining.

I hate it when Gridcoin causes me to get worms , they tend not to make me not feel so warm! It's Linux , do not rely on pre-built and pre-compiled binary's and modules and compile yourself. To many people thanks to the anti-pay for M$ Windows " trendy " hipster non conformity movement compared to yesteryear where we used Linux because you could configure everything and make ( build ) everything yourself to do anything you wanted. Linux issues can be as simple as just downloading source code for a current kernel and tune it for your system , building modules ( drivers ) for your hardware into the kernel or having the kernel headers files to write custom compiled modules from the source code you used for your kernel etc...thank god hardware is PnP i'd hate to see how this day in ages newer Linux users would handle having to deal with irq's and or port addressing or if you guys had to configure xfree86 and configure modules manually let alone writing your own to get boinc to address the GPU manually.