BOINC Workshop proposed for early 2017!

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David Anderson has proposed a 2017 BOINC workshop! Who's interested in going?

Mailinglist where David Anderson announced this event: (Post your replied to that thread)

There were no BOINC workshops in 2015 or 2016 because of my budget crisis.

But now I have some travel funds again, and there's some interesting BOINC-related work going on:

  • Use of Docker on both server and client
  • Integration with Condor
  • Projects at nanoHub and TACC
  • Issues related to community governance
  • And lots more.

So I propose that we have a BOINC workshop in 2017, with a format similar to the last few:

  • Short talks
  • Tutorials
  • Discussions
  • Hackfest.

When? Matt Blumberg feels that our usual time (late Aug, Sept) is inconvenient because of vacations and semesters starting, plus we should meet sooner than that.
How about something in the April/May range? If you have preferences let me know.

Where? Europe is the logical place.
If anyone has the possibility of offering a venue let me know.

The requirements are:

  • A meeting room for ~50 with projector and wifi, for 4 days.

  • Cities that have cheap flights and hotels are preferred, as are cities with large mountains nearby.

    -- David

All SBD gained as a result of this post will be donated towards a mutual BOINC 2017 Workshop fund (still to be fully arranged).

Not sure what BOINC is?

BOINC is an open-source volunteer oriented computing grid that combines the processing power of all individual users for the purposes of scientific research. It's free, and harnesses the unused clock cycles from processors and graphics cards to attempt to cure cancer/aids/ebola/malaria, map the milkyway, crack enigma codes, etc..


I would potentially be interested in attending assuming that I don't get blocked at the door b/c I am wearing a Gridcoin Hoodie.

I'd seriously doubt anyone would be so closed minded, if they were you'd have several people on your side.

Im in the UK, might be able to make it for some moral support depending on timings

Europe is good - everywhere is a long way from Perth Western Australia

Kevin - theSkyNet

Great to hear! I've followed you on Steem, you should consider blogging about theSkyNet here :)

I've personally got exams in April/May - early June would be more suitable for myself. What about everyone else?

I responded to DA's mailinglist post:

Early June would be great for me. The weather around that time would better as well.
How about Amsterdam as a venue. I know it's flat but it's a fun city and a great hub for travel to more mountainous regions.

Continuing to discuss the 2017 BOINC Workshop:


So the steem thread raised approx $24 in liquid Steem Backed Dollars, do you want me to continue raising funds on Steem?

I spoke during episode #177 of the BeyondBitcoin hangouts about the 2017 workshop:

The Gridcoin community has been discussing the 2017 workshop in episodes 10 & 11, but they have yet to be released (I'll notify you once they do).

We were thinking that 'Zurich, Switzerland' meets your criteria?

Think we could get event sponsorship by large companies? (WCG == IBM, etc).

In the mean time, the Gridcoin community holds hangouts ( on Saturdays (next is 22nd Oct @ 9PM GMT: ) the entire BOINC community is welcome to attend (we discuss GRC, BOINC, Cryptocurrency, etc).

What do you think about regular local meetups via ? That way people could attend a meeting in their city/state regularly, could be good for neworking & key speakers (such as yourself) could participate via teleconference rather than having to fly around the world.

Best regards,


The [email protected] devs have registered their interest if the workshop is held in Germany.

What are people's preferences for location? David Anderson's preference is in Europe near some mountains.

I certainly would love to attend, finances allowing and Europe is only a Ryan Air flight away for me!

Looking forward to hearing more about this.

customminer CM tweeted @ 07 Oct 2016 - 20:00 UTC

David Anderson is planning a BOINC workshop in 2017! Who's interested in going? @GridcoinNetwork @WCGrid @Hyperledger @Beyond_Bitcoin #BOINC

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

We are super interested, in the SF Bay area.

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