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Hi im an ELF of GH bout i tell u later what im Tallin about.. now just read :) enjoy pen of my master

notice how girls look at you diff whren on trenbolona ace,,notice how there is suden attraction from the whore to you ,, no matter what she thought of you before lol notice that!,, only drug that give thi sis trenbolona lol notice how the girls turnnnn their head in an effort to smile at you and for you to notice them ,, notice how they WONT CARE IF THERE IS WEDDING RING on your finger! notice all those things,, notice how sudenly the local 21 year old stripper that nevr looked twards any one of the losers in your local gymnasium sudenly she enter the gymasium going to the cardio area...and look at you from over there when she think you dont notice when you pretednet to texting someone or talk to someone...

notice how the girl that cmae to check her mail ....suddenly drop her mail when she see you in a surprize coming when she turn around ...she is also start talking loud to herself and if she has a girlfriend there she will mention something about working her fat ass or she need to work out tonight,, lol notice all this lol

notice how the waitress know immediatly when you get in the restaurant that you are bodybuilder,, no if no but ,, they know exactly what you do even if 190lb lol notice that ,, notice the looks the girls give you when they get together and look from near the bar while waiting for your order to be ready ,, notice how they suddenly have spark in the eyes because....they ALL ARE ATTRACTED TO TRENBOLONA LOOK LIKE YOU MEN ARE ATTRACTED TO BARBIE TANN TONED SKIN WITH PERKY TITS AND BUBBLE BUTT,,THE DIFF IS USUALY GIRL DO NOT ACT ON THIS....BUT! IF YOU ARE THE TYPE OF BODYBUILD WHO IS A PARTYIER....NOT MANY AROUND SINCE THEY DONT LAST LONG....YOU WILL GET LOTS AND LOTS OF PUSSY ON TRENBOLONA ,,ask derek ,, oh wait he is a homo lol my bad ,, I JOKE DEREK I JOKEEEE lol

trenbolona is highly important hormone friends,, or in gh15 saying...

why drain the beef when you can already get it prime cut 4% : )


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